Gloomhaven RuleBook

Party Sheet A party is formed when a new group of players gets together to play the game. They will document the formation of the party by starting a new entry in the party sheet notepad. Party achievements, reputation, and location will be tracked on this notepad. A party can persist from scenario to scenario and play session to play session, as long as the players want. The makeup of the party will change over time, especially as characters retire and new characters are created. Changes to the party makeup are fine, not only for characters, but players as well. New parties can also be formed at any time, though new characters should be made for a new party.

A PARTY SHEET INCLUDES: • A space to name the party  . Every good party should have a name. Be creative. a




• A space to track the current scenario location of the party  . This is mainly relevant for linked scenarios (see Traveling and Road Events on pp. 41–42 for details). • A space for notes  . If there is anything else a party would like to track, they can do so here. • A space to track party achievements  . Whenever a party earns a party achievement, it should be noted here (see Achievements on p. 40 for details). • A reputation track  . A party will gain and lose reputation over time for a number of reasons, and this is tracked by penciling in or erasing sections of the reputation track on the notepad (see Reputation on p. 42 for details). To the right of the track, the item price discounts and penalties for high and low reputation  are visible. e b c d






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