Gloomhaven RuleBook

Sealed Boxes and Envelopes The game box includes a number of sealed boxes and envelopes, each designated with a symbol or letter. At certain times, the game will direct players to open one of these. If it contains materials for a new character class, that character class is now available for anyone starting a new character. If the envelope contains other contents, the contents will direct the players how to use them. Players will be directed to open boxes or envelopes when they complete personal quests or meet specific conditions. These conditions are listed on p. 49.

Town Records

The game box also includes a small sealed book titled “Town Records.” Players are directed to open this book once the first character retires, at which point they can begin reading the book from front to back. At certain points in the book, players will be directed to stop reading until certain conditions are met.

Achievements The achievement system is the main way that players will keep track of major changes in the world and what scenarios a particular party has access to while playing in campaign mode. There are two types of achievements: global achievements and party achievements . Global achievements affect the entire game world, regardless of what party is playing in it. Global achievements are tracked with stickers along the top of the world map  . Some global achievements have a specific type (listed after the achievement in the format of “Type: Achievement,” e.g., “City Rule: Militaristic”). Only one global achievement of each type can be active at a time. If a global achievement is gained and there is already an active achievement of the same type, the previous achievement is overwritten and the new sticker is placed on top of the previous one. Multiple instances of a single global achievement are possible, so long they don’t have a specific type. a


Party achievements are tied to a specific party and are mainly used to keep track of what scenarios are available to play in campaign mode for that party.


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