Gloomhaven RuleBook

COMPLETING CITY EVENTS Once per visit to Gloomhaven, a party may complete a city event. City events are functionally the same as road events, but are drawn from the city event deck and generally have better outcomes than road events.


Minor Healing Potion

When in Gloomhaven, characters have the opportunity to buy item cards by spending the gold they’ve collected from scenarios. In addition, players can also sell back any item for half the price listed on the item card (rounded down). When an item is sold, it goes back into the city’s available supply, and the character receives the calculated amount of gold. Players can own as many items as they can afford, but are limited in how many they can equip (see Item Cards on p. 8 for details). Players cannot trade money or items.

10 During your turn, perform a “Heal 3, Self” action.




When the game box is opened and the campaign begins, the city’s available supply should consist of all copies of Item 001 through Item 014. Over the course of the campaign, many more items will be added to the city’s available supply based on the following conditions: • Any time an item design is gained from a scenario or event, every copy of that item card is added to the city’s available supply. Prosp. Item Cards

• As the city gains prosperity levels (see Gloomhaven Prosperity on p. 48 for details), new items will be made available in the supply. The list of what items are made available at each prosperity level can be found to the right. • Lastly, when a character retires, all of their item cards go back into the shop’s supply.

Within any one party, the number of items available for purchase is limited by how many copies of the item’s card there are. No character may own duplicates of the same item. If a different party plays the game with different characters, items possessed by unused characters are considered to be in the city’s available supply and can be purchased. Players should always keep track of what items they own on their character sheets in case the cards get moved around by other groups.


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