Gloomhaven RuleBook

BUILDING A HAND OF CARDS When playing a class for the first time, it is recommended that players use a hand comprised entirely of Level 1 cards (denoted by a  below the title). However, each character also has immediate access to three  cards. These are typically more complex and situational than Level 1 cards. Once a player is familiar with the basic abilities of the class, they should consider incorporating one or more  cards into their hand, removing an equal number of Level 1 cards to observe the hand limit. 1 X X

As characters level up, higher level ability cards will also become available. Even though players have access to more cards, the maximum number of cards they can take into battle (hand limit) remains the same. Therefore, at the beginning of a scenario, players must select a number of cards from the character’s available card pool equal to the character’s hand limit . These cards will form the player’s hand, and only cards in the player’s hand may be used during a scenario. or A A Choose one path Start of Round: Active


B LeadingDZcardDZplayed RevealDZmonsterDZactions,DZactDZinDZinitiativeDZ[DZDZDZ]DZorder. LongDZrest PlayDZ2DZcards

Character Hand Limit

On turn: Initiative [ ]: B


LoseDZoneDZdiscardDZ andDZrecoverDZtheDZrest,DZ HealDZDZDZDZDZ(self)DZand refreshDZDZDZDZDZDZspentDZitems. 2 99

SCENARIO SCALING As characters level up, the recommended scenario level will also increase, as discussed on p. 15. This will increase monster levels, trap damage, gold gained from money tokens, and scenario completion experience. End of round: Monsteractions: EliteDZfirst,DZthenDZnormalDZinDZascendingDZnumericalDZorder.DZ FocusDZonDZDZDZDZDZDZclosest,DZDZDZDZDZDZlowestDZinitiative.DZ ThenDZmoveDZtoDZmaximizeDZattackDZonDZfocus. PerformDZtopDZabilityDZofDZoneDZ cardDZandDZbottomDZabilityDZofDZ theDZotherDZinDZanyDZorder. 1 2

DZ DZ ReduceDZelementDZstrength. DZ DZ OptionalDZshortDZrest:DZloseDZoneDZrandomDZdiscardDZandDZrecoverDZ theDZrest. DZ DZ ShuffleDZDZDZDZDZDZattackDZandDZmonsterDZdecksDZwhereDZapplicable.


DONATING TO THE SANCTUARY Once per visit to Gloomhaven, each player can donate 10 gold to the Sanctuary of the Great Oak, a temple and hospital in the city. Doing so allows the donating player to add two BLESS   attack modifier cards to their attack modifier deck for the next scenario. 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 12 14 16 18 20 22 24 26 1

1 Trample a


Once players have completed “The Power of Enhancement” global achievement, they can spend gold while visiting Gloomhaven to increase the power of their ability cards. To do this, a player places the desired sticker from the enhancement sticker sheets onto a designated spot  of an ability card in their character’s active card pool. This sticker denotes a permanent enhancement to the ability.

Attack 3 PIERCE 2


Ability cards can be enhanced in a variety of ways, with each costing a specific amount of gold. This cost must be paid by the character whose ability card is being enhanced.

2 2



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