Gloomhaven RuleBook

not get overrun by the wilds, I have a different idea. We’ll get to the bottom of Jekserah’s plans and expose her for who she really is.” 8

You turn around to see a female Quatryl step out of the alley beside Jekserah’s house. She’s clad in dark leather armor and holds a conspicuous contraption full of whirring gears and topped with a conical metal piece connected to a tube.


Scenario Complet ion

Gloomhaven Warehouse 8 (C-18), Diamond Mine 9 (L-2) New Locations :

When a scenario is successfully completed as part of the campaign, a number of rewards are gained by the party. These are listed at the end of the scenario’s entry in the Scenario Book. Rewards can include global or party achievements, extra gold or experience for each party member, prosperity increases, unlocked scenarios, items, or item designs. As discussed on p. 42, if a scenario reward directs a party to lose something, they can’t lose more than what they have. “Argeise, city guard,” she says, introducing herself. “I know, I don’t xactly look the part, but if anyone isn’t what they appear to be, it’s that Valrath you’ve been talking to. Sure, she’s a merchant, but she’s up to something far more sinister. “She’s been trying to overthrow the military in Gloomhaven for as long as I’ve been here, and we’re all very curious about what her current machinations are.


15 gold each +1 prosperity Rewards : Jekserah’s Plans Party Achievement :



When a new scenario is unlocked, find its corresponding number on the world map using its grid location and place the sticker matching the scenario on top of it  . Note that the scenario numbers in circles within the story text do not unlock scenarios. These are simply references to what the story text is referring to. If an item is gained as a reward, players should find one copy of that item from the deck of unavailable items and give it to one of the present characters. If an item design is gained as a reward, players should find all copies of that item from the deck of unavailable items and add them to the city’s available supply of items. “Look, you can go do her bidding like a good little puppy if you want, but if you’d rather actually help this town keep the peace and a


B1a L3a L1b Maps :


B4a B3a B2a E1b


1 a

Special Condit ions for Opening Envelopes


Gain 5 “Ancient Technology” global achievements – open envelope Have a party gain both “The Drake’s Command” and “The Drake’s Treasure” party achievements – add City Event 75 and Road Event 66 to the decks, and gain “The Drake Aided” global achievement Donate a total of 100 gold to the Sanctuary of the Great Oak – open envelope


+10g +10g +10g +10g +10g +10g +10g +10g +10g +10g

Have a party reputation of 10 or higher – open box Have a party reputation of 20 – add City Event 76 and Road Event 67 to the deck Have a party reputation of -10 or lower – open box Have a party reputation of -20 – add City Event 77 and Road Event 68 to the deck Retire a character – open the Town Records Book

Game Variant: Reduced Randomness If players desire to reduce the variance in damage caused by the “2x”   and “Null”   attack modifier effects, they can instead treat BLESS    and the standard “2x” cards as a +2   modifier and CURSE    and the standard “Null” cards as a -2    modifier. Players should still shuffle the corresponding attack modifier deck at the end of a round after one of these cards is drawn. 6


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