Gloomhaven RuleBook


• The entrance type available for the room on the back of the card  . There are two types of entrances and exits: A and B. If players exit a room from an A exit, they must enter the next room from an A entrance and vice versa with B. If the entrance of the top room in the deck does not match the exit the players used in the previous room, the top card is discarded until a matching entrance type is found. If a room has two exits, players may use whichever one they wish, though the one they don’t use is closed off. If a room has two entrances, players must use the entrance that corresponds to the previous room’s exit. • Penalties for revealing the room  . Whenever a new room is revealed and set up, a penalty may activate depending on the room and the difficulty decided on by the players. The suggested difficulty is to use no penalties in the first room, the minor penalty of the second room when it is revealed, and the major penalty of the third room when it is revealed. Players can decrease or increase the number and severity of the penalties as they like, up to a point where major penalties are activated for each of the three rooms when they are revealed. If the character who opened the door is referenced in the penalty of the first room, players can decide who the penalty targets. If the previous room is referenced in the penalty of the first room, nothing happens. • The specific map tile(s) used to create the room  . f g







• An adjective title  . When combined with the noun title on the room card, this provides the full title of the room. • Designations for the twelve numbered spaces on the room card  . Each monster has designations for a two, three, and four character game, as in the normal setup for a scenario. • Descriptions for any treasure tile contents  . Though treasure tiles in a random dungeon will never contain elements important to the campaign, they can contain a number of useful benefits for the players. • Designations of trap types  . Note that the red damage symbol  indicates the trap is a damage trap. h i j k
















Recover a lost card






GAME DESIGN AND DEVELOPMENT: Isaac Childres GRAPHIC DESIGN: Josh McDowell, Isaac Childres ART: Alexandr Elichev, Álvaro Nebot, Josh McDowell SCULPTING: James Van Schaik EDITING: Jim Spivey, Mathew G. Somers, Marcel Cwertetschka STORY AND WORLD-BUILDING: Isaac Childres SPECIAL THANKS: Kristyn Childres, Katie, Finn, Ada, and Cora McDowell, Charilaos Bacharis, Clinton Bradford, Brandon Butcher, Travis Chance, Joseph Childres, Rob Daviau, Paul Grogan, Brendon Hall,

Richard Ham, Kasper Hansen, Walker Hardin, Chuck Hennemann, Scott Horton, Brian Hunter, David Isakov, Alexander Klatte, Carl Klutzke, Brian Lee, Nick Little, Kevin Manning, Jan Meyberg, Timo Multamäki, Ray Phay, Joan Prats, Andrew Ritchey, Adam Sadler, Brady Sadler, Eric Sanson, Scott Starkey, JC Trombley, Arne Vikhagen, Michael Wilkins, Stefan Zappe KICKSTARTER CONTRIBUTORS: I would like to sincerely thank all the backers of the Gloomhaven Kickstarter project. It was a long journey, and I only made it through with your help. I could not have asked for a more supportive group of people. I would also like to specifically thank the backers who created official scenarios during the campaign: Marcel Cwertetschka, Tim and Kim De Smet, Jared Gillespie, David Isakov, Jeremy Kaemmer, Mathew G. Somers


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