Gloomhaven RuleBook

Major Errata

Every time an individual player retires a character, that player gains one extra perk to apply to all future characters they create. This effect is cumulative, so when a player retires their second character, their next character would gain two additional perks. Though this effect is applied to players , if one player is controlling multiple characters at once in a campaign (like for solo play, for instance), they should consider each "hand" they control a different player for this bonus. The "b" sides of the "L" and "D" tiles are misprinted and have their art rotated by 180 degrees in relation to their puzzle piece connections when compared to the images in the scenario book and random dungeon deck. When setting up these tiles, make sure their puzzle connection orientation is correct and don't use the art as a reference. Component count typos: The component list in the front of the rule book should say there are 28 "1" damage counters, 240 monster standees and 3 sealed envelopes. Also, there is no smaller envelope with a sun icon on it, as depicted in the picture. Typo in special conditions for opening envelopes: The second item should read "The Drake's Command" instead of "The Drake's Request." When you achieve this goal, you earn "The Drake Aided" global achievement. Also, it is optional to open the envelope and earn the achievement, but once it is done, it is permanent. The curse deck is split into two equal decks of 10 cards each. One deck is exclusively for putting curse cards into the players’ attack modifier decks, and the other is exclusively for putting curse cards into the monsters’ attack modifier deck. So no single attack modifier deck can ever have more than 10 curse cards in it. When a curse card is removed from a player’s attack modifier deck, it is returned to the player curse card deck, and a curse card removed from the monster attack modifier deck is returned to the monster curse card deck. If curses are distributed at the beginning of a scenario, distribute them as evenly as possible to all those affected, with players deciding cases of ambiguity.


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