Gloomhaven RuleBook

Character Mats When a player begins their journey with the game, he or she will select one of the available character classes to play. Only one copy of each character class can be played in any given scenario. Each class has a unique set of abilities, so this is an important decision to make. When the box is first opened, the Brute  , Tinkerer  , Spellweaver  , Scoundrel  , Cragheart  , and Mindthief   are available. Once a character class has been chosen, the player takes the corresponding character mat, character tokens, and that character’s starting hand of Level 1 ability cards from the larger tuck box containing the character’s symbol, as well as the miniature contained in the smaller character tuck box. A CHARACTER MAT INCLUDES: • A portrait  , icon  , and name  of the class. • Indicators of the maximum hit points at each level  of B or A A Chooseonepath Start of Round: LeadingDZcardDZplayed RevealDZmonsterDZactions,DZactDZinDZinitiativeDZ[DZDZDZ]DZorder. LongDZrest PlayDZ2DZcards Active j j h a b c i a b c d B A


On turn: Initiative [ ]: B

the class. Players should use tracking dials   to track their hit points  and experience  during a scenario. • The maximum number of ability cards the class can take into battle  . • A short reference  for the round structure. • Designations along the f h g i e • The reference number of the event cards  added to each deck when the character class is unlocked (not present on the six k starting classes) and of event cards  added the first time the character class retires (see Announcing Retirement on p. 48 for details). These reference numbers apply to both city and road event decks. l j border  for where to place discarded , lost , and active cards.

LoseDZoneDZdiscardDZ andDZrecoverDZtheDZrest,DZ HealDZDZDZDZDZ(self)DZand refreshDZDZDZDZDZDZspentDZitems. 2 99

PerformDZtopDZabilityDZofDZoneDZ cardDZandDZbottomDZabilityDZofDZ theDZotherDZinDZanyDZorder.


DZ DZ ReduceDZelementDZstrength. DZ DZ OptionalDZshortDZrest:DZloseDZoneDZrandomDZdiscardDZandDZrecoverDZ theDZrest. DZ DZ ShuffleDZDZDZDZDZDZattackDZandDZmonsterDZdecksDZwhereDZapplicable. EliteDZfirst,DZthenDZnormalDZinDZascendingDZnumericalDZorder.DZ FocusDZonDZDZDZDZDZDZclosest,DZDZDZDZDZDZlowestDZinitiative.DZ ThenDZmoveDZtoDZmaximizeDZattackDZonDZfocus. 1 2

End of round:




1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 8 9 11 12 14 15 17 18 20

H umans are by far the most dominant of the races, spreading across the continent like locusts, erecting extravagantcitiesanddisturbingslumbering forces they canneverhope tounderstand.Thehumansociety isone of rules and regulations, but also one of great diversity. Due to their intense curiosity and relentless nature, humans can find themselves walking almost any path imaginable – from the obscenely wealthy noble to the unappreciated taverncook; from theblacksmith forging rugged weaponry to the corrupted pursuant of dark magics. It isnatural, then, thatwhilemanyhumanswork tobuild up complex and constricting bureaucratic societies, there are others who reject such societies or even work to tear them down. Scoundrels are among this second type,whollyunscrupulousand self-serving.Scoundrels operate under the assumption that everything in the world is theirs to take and they will do whatever is necessary to do the taking. Such an attitude manifests itself in combat through a vicious opportunism unseen inanyotherculture. — /45









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