Gloomhaven RuleBook


When I level up, does my experience go back to zero? No.

How exactly does my "pool" of ability cards work? What can I add to it when I level up? Your pool of ability cards is the set of cards you can choose to add to your hand when you start a scenario. The cards in your hand are the cards you actually play the scenario with and their number is limited based on the class you are playing. When you are starting out with a level 1 character, your pool consists of all level 1 cards, plus the three "X" cards in your deck as well. All other cards are unavailable to you. When you level up, you can take a single card of your new level or lower from the deck of unavailable cards and add it to your pool. In this manner, a level 9 character will add eight more cards to their pool over the course of leveling up from level 1. If a perk on a character sheet has multiple check boxes next to it, does that mean it requires that number of check marks to unlock it, or that I can acquire that perk for one check that number of times? The second case. If a perk has two check boxes, you can gain that perk twice for one perk allocation each. Can I choose not to level up when I have the experience or not gain a perk when I have three check marks? No. If you are in town and you have enough experience to level up, you are forced to do so, immediately gaining all benefits of leveling up. If you have three check marks, you must immediately gain a perk. If I lose a check mark, can that make me lose a perk? No. You cannot go below the threshold of a perk, experience level, or prosperity level when losing check marks, experience, or prosperity, respectively. So if you have three check marks (enough to gain a perk), and then lose a check mark, nothing happens. You don't lose a perk, and you don't go into check mark debt. If we fail a scenario, can we immediately retry it? Yes, your party location is still considered to be at that scenario, so you can fully recover hit points, cards, etc. and immediately do the scenario again without doing a road event, or you can return to town or do another scenario, but that may necessitate a road event before starting a scenario depending on the linking rules.

Do I do a road event when traveling back to Gloomhaven from a scenario? No, you only do a road event when traveling to a scenario.

If the party wants to go directly to a linked scenario but wants to swap out characters in between, does the party have to go back to Gloomhaven, thereby forcing them to take a road event before the linked scenario?


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