Gloomhaven RuleBook

Character Ability Cards Playing ability cards is what allows a character to perform actions in a scenario. Each round players choose two ability cards and use the top action of one card and the bottom action of the other card, resulting in two actions for each player on his or her turn. All ability cards are specific to a character class and are acquired when starting a new character or by leveling up.

AN ABILITY CARD INCLUDES: • The name of the ability  . a


1 Trample c


• An initiative number  . The initiative number of the leading card played determines a player’s order in the initiative of a given round (see Determining Initiative on p. 18 for more details). • The level of the class card  . A character starting at Level 1 can only use their Level 1 cards (or, alternately,   cards), but a character gains more powerful cards as they level up to add to their pool of available ability cards. • A top action  and bottom action  . When the two ability cards are played on a player’s turn, one is used for the top action and the other for the bottom action. Note that a single action can contain several separate abilities   . (See Character Turn on pp. 18–28 for more details on character actions.) X e f b c d

Attack 3 PIERCE 2


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Move 4 Jump Attack 2 Target all enemies moved through 2 f f




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