Gloomhaven RuleBook

Scenario 79: The bosses two abilities can affect invisible characters. The boss’s mind control can only be used on characters that have not yet acted in the round. Scenario 81: TYPO - In the special rules of section 1, "the Betrayer" should instead be "the Colorless." For both of the boss's specials, consuming elements only affects the summoning. The other parts of the specials go off regardless. Note that the Crystal of Zenith and Sphere of Midnight are not actual items and have no use outside this scenario. Use numbered tokens to keep track of who has them. At the end of the scenario, win or lose, these two "goal" treasures are reset so that these two items can be looted again, just like any other "goal" treasures in the game. Scenario 82: What happens if the player with the items is exhausted without reaching the exit? If the scenario is failed, do we still get to keep the items we looted? If the player holding the items is exhausted, the scenario is failed. If the scenario is failed, the items are returned to the treasure tile and you can loot it again on your next attempt.

Scenario 84: TYPO - The author's name is David Isakov, not David Jansen. Sorry David!

Sun Class Solo Scneario: TYPO - The spec ial rules for (2) should read “Two normal Inox Guards.” They spawn in both locations.


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