Gloomhaven RuleBook

the trap? It is removed from the board.

What exactly is considered a wall? The edge of any map tile and the entire area of any partial hex along the edge are considered walls unless they are covered by a corridor tile. Doors are also considered walls when they are closed. Where the edge of a complete hex on a map tile comes up right to the edge of the tile, there is a dark border to remind you that a wall exists at that edge, though it does not technically begin (for cases of line-of-sight) until the edge. If two map tiles are set next to each other such that these dark edges line up (i.e. the border of the first and second room of the first scenario), the wall is considered to still be there as a one-dimensional line. If an enemy is on the other side of this one-dimensional wall line from me, can I hit him with a melee attack? No. All range, even range 1 melee attacks, can't be counted through walls. In fact, for all intents and purposes (including looting), these two hexes are not adjacent and considered two hexes apart. In cases of ambiguity where players decide the outcome, how should the players decide? Should they do what is best for themselves or worst for themselves? It is up to you. That is why you are deciding. It is assumed that you would decide whatever is best for you, but, again, it is up to you. If a character becomes exhausted, and then I open a door to a new room, does the room populate based on the non-exhausted player count, or the original player count? The player count that you started the scenario with. If my leading card is revealed at the start of a round, when exactly is my second card revealed? They are both revealed at the start of the round, just put your leading card on top. Once everyone has chosen their cards and revealed them, both of each player's cards are open information. What is the round tracker for? Do I need to complete all scenarios within 12 turns? No, the round tracker is only for specific scenarios. Unless the scenario has a specific reason for having you track rounds, don't worry about it. If I am exhausted during the scenario, but it is still successfully completed, is there any penalty for being exhausted? No, you earn everything that you would have earned if you hadn't become exhausted: completed battle goals, tallied money and experience, bonus completion experience, any rewards in the scenario book granted for completing the scenario like bonus gold or experience. Does becoming exhausted from lack of cards affect my hit points in any way for the purposes of the "Fast Healer" and "Masochist" battle goals? No, you can still achieve those battle goals after being exhausted if your hit points were in the correct range when you were exhausted.


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