Gloomhaven RuleBook

Item Cards Item cards are acquired by spending gold in between scenarios or looting specific treasure tiles. All item cards a character equips will be placed below his or her character mat and can be used during a battle to augment his or her abilities. Item cards are not class-specific, so any character can use any item. However, characters are limited in the number of items they can equip (bring into a scenario). Each character can equip only one  item, one  item, one  item, up to two  items OR one  item, and up to a number of  equal to half their level, rounded up. Characters cannot own more than one copy of any item card.




One Hand

Two Hands

Small Item

AN ITEM CARD INCLUDES: • The name of the item  and the amount of gold a character a

must pay to acquire the item from the shop  . • What happens to the card after it is used  . b c

Hide Armor


o This symbol   means the item is spent after use, which is denoted by rotating the card to its side. Spent cards can be refreshed when a character performs a long rest (see Resting on p. 17 for more details). Sometimes an item is used multiple times before it is spent or consumed. This is depicted by use slots  on the card and can be tracked using a character token. o This symbol  (not pictured) means the item is consumed after use, which is shown by flipping the card facedown. Consumed cards can only be refreshed during a scenario by specific abilities. All items are refreshed between scenarios . No item can be permanently consumed. o If a card depicts neither of these symbols, there are no restrictions on the number of times it can be used during a scenario, other than what is written in the text of the card. • When the item can be used and the bonus gained by the character when the item card is used  . • The equip slot (Head, Body, Legs, One Hand, Two Hands, Small Item) the item occupies  . • Some equipped items add a number of   cards to the equipping character’s attack modifier deck at the start of a scenario. If this is the case, the number of modifier cards is specified on the item  . • A count of how many of this item are in the game  and where this card lies within that count  . • Reference number for the item  , which is on the back of the card. e f g h i j d 453





1/ 2


On the next two sources of damage from attacks targeting you, gain Shield 1.










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