Mar/Apr 2017 Military Medicine

Military Medicine International Journal of AMSUS

NATIONAL ACADEMIES OF SCIENCES, ENGINEERING, AND MEDICINE 1507 Gulf War and Health: Volume 10: Update of Health Effects of Serving in the Gulf War, 2016 PERSPECTIVES IN GLOBAL HEALTH 1509 UƟlizing Distance Learning to Incorporate Global Mental Health Capacity Into Humanitarian and Post-Conflict Missions BRIEF REPORTS 1516 Soldier Readiness Processing: Time for a New Paradigm in Managing Musculoskeletal Injuries AŌer Deployment? 1518 IndicaƟons of Recruitment Challenges in Research With U.S. Military Service Members: A Review REVIEW ARTICLES 1524 Medical Effects of a Transuranic “Dirty Bomb” 1526 Primary Care of Men Who Have Sex With Men in the U.S. Military in the Post-Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell Era: A Review of Recent Progress, Health Needs, and Challenges


1527 Leveraging the Partnership for PaƟents’ IniƟaƟve to Improve PaƟent Safety and Quality Within the Military Health System 1528 Health-Related Coping Behaviors and Mental Health in Military Personnel 1535 Professional Stress and Burnout in U.S. Military Medical Personnel Deployed to Afghanistan 1543 DoD-Supported Overseas Training RotaƟons in Tropical Medicine and Global Health, 2000-2015 CASE REPORT

1559 Malignant Hyperthermia SuscepƟbility and Fitness for Duty

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