Summer 1993

Vol. 3, No.2

A Rosy Future Ahead•••

Maior Breakthroughs in Bio-Pharm IndustryU

M arketing efforts aimed at the pharmaceutical industry have surely paid off for several stations, with a veritable explosion of clinical trial contracts signed this spring!! Following months, and in some cases, years of aggressive and persistent selling by World Courier offices, the timing now appears to be right for a number of important pharmaceutical decision-makers around the globe! Several stations-Sweden, Canada, Australia and South Africa, among others-have now become hotbeds of activity in the transportation of bio– logical specimens and samples! Beyond Expectation in Sweden In a most exciting turn of events, WC Sweden has been awarded a series of contracts with amajor national research institution. In May this year, World Courier began work on a contract to transport some 150 shipments of HIV-infectious blood from 12 different countries for delivery in Stockholm over an 18 month period. Several domestic ship– ments have already been handled, with the full international study sched– uled to begin later this summer. Other contracts for the same client include the transport of non-infectious blood samples from 20 originating cities in 13 different countries for deliv– ery to a laboratory in Paris; pick-ups of non-infectious blood samples in Johannesburg for delivery to Stockholm; pick-ups of frozen biological samples in Rome and Dublin for delivery in Erlanger, Germany; pick-ups of non-infectious blood samples in Turkey for delivery to Sweden; and a series of domestic shipments to and from various cities inSweden.

Ready to Go! The staff of we Sweden have their work cut out for them with the recent signing of a series of important new bio-pharm con– tracts! Pictured here, Michael Fages, Operations (back); Jan Karlsson, Operations Manager (centre left); Manager Karin Ohm (centre right); and Helena Hede, Administration (front). Additional contracts brought home by WC Sweden for other clients include studies and clinical trials of varying volumes and natures to or from London, Zurich, Amsterdam, and the U.S., including San Francisco, Michigan and New Jersey. We should all take heart from WC Sweden's experience. Although at times it may have seemed to be an uphill battle, all the hard work has finally paid off! With the experience of these contracts, World Courier's credibility and expertise within the pharmaceutical industry can only con– tinue to grow! Faaaantastic,WC Sweden!!!

• Hats Off to our Agents in Eastern Europe • ASilver Lining in Every Cloud • TIde Turns in Bio-Pharm Effort

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