Orange County Insight February 2023

County Cup Kicks Off With Game of SIMON

By: Joe Falin, Program and Facilities Supervisor, Parks and Recreation

Beginning 2023, Orange County Parks & Recreation began hosting their inaugural County Cup competition. The competition features any County department wanting to participate in friendly, approachable games over the course of the year, with one (1) event happening every month. The top ten (10 ) finishers from each event will earn points for their department, which will determine the overall 2023 County Cup Champion. The first event, a SIMON competition, was not without its storylines. For this event, fifteen (15) County departments nominated two (2) of their staff to play three (3) rounds of the game SIMON. At the end of three (3) rounds, the individual participant ’ s round scores were added together to determine their standing. Points were award to a player ’ s department if the player finished in the top 10 for the event, with the first - place finisher receiving ten (10) points and the tenth - place finisher receiving one (1) point.

When it was all said and done, consistency proved to be the most important factor to success with the Finance Department ’ s participants, Jenna Wedding and Sara Keeler, finishing tied for first - place with each of them having a total score of 32. Both Sara and Jenna could not crack the top four (4) for the single round high score, but both were very consistent for all three (3) rounds. Jenna ’ s single round scores of 10, 11, and 11, and Sara ’ s scores of 9, 12, 11, were in the top 25 of all 90 rounds played during the event. Some other outstanding performances came from IT ’ s Jim Whipp, and the Library ’ s Logan Pritchard, when each of them recorded a single round score of 14, the highest single round score in the competition. Logan was also the only participant to have two (2) single round scores in the top ten, with scores of 14 and 12. Round two (2) of the County Cup took place February 6 - 13, 2023, and was a guessing game. Every County employee was invited to participate to see who could get the closest guess to the actual amount of candy hearts in a jar. Please check out the next issue of the Orange County Insight for the results of Round two (2) and the updated standings of the competition. If you have any questions about the competition, please give us a call at (540) 672 - 5435 or send an email to

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