Orange County Insight February 2023

MUNIS Upgrade By: Josh Crawford, Business System Analyst

The upgrade to our MUNIS system has been installed on our TEST environment. Over the next few months, multiple users will have the opportunity to test out the new features. While this process will introduce some changes, overall the County will be able to take advantage of many benefits: • Improved features, including customized dash- boards and reporting features

• Human Resources Module additions

...and much more!

• Updated support through Tyler Client Support

Workflow and role improvements

The testing process is designed to ensure the daily processes we depend on are functioning correctly. This testing process takes around three (3) months. Once items are verified, the upgrade to the LIVE and TRAIN environments can be done. Keep an eye out for more information on training and access to TEST coming soon. For more information on the MUNIS system upgrade, contact Josh Crawford, Business System Analyst, at

Orange County Fire and EMS Staff Attend Career Fair at OCHS By: Orange County Communications Department

On January 19, 2023, staff from Orange County Fire and EMS (COFEMS) attended the career fair at Orange County High School. At this event, staff educated students on how Fire and EMS operates while encouraging attendance of the Firefighter I and EMT program. The Firefighter I and EMT program is a partnership Orange County Fire and EMS is proud to have with Orange County Public Schools. Upon completion, students are eligible to sit for the Virginia Firefighter and Pro Board certification. After successfully completing coursework and certifications, students are eligible to volunteer with their local fire department to obtain their Firefighter II certification. Students can also enroll in the Emergency Medical Technician course offered through the partnership. Students who have completed all necessary certifications are eligible to become full time COFEMS employees.

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