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Team Orange,

For those who are newer to our organization, and for citizen readers who may be less familiar with how local government works, Virginia ’ s counties, cities and towns operate on a financial calendar that runs from July 1st of a year through June 30th of the following year. This is our “ fiscal year, ” and we plan for our revenues and expenditures within that timeframe. The budget process begins in the fall when department heads are provided instructions and forms (mostly online these days) to submit their plans for the following year. While the Code of Virginia requires the budget to be adopted by June 30th, in reality we target the end of April so that real estate property tax bills can be mailed in time for the June 5 th due date, and the school budget can be set by mid - May to allow teacher contracts to be issued for the following school year. To meet the late April deadline for adoption of the budget by the Board of Supervisors, I work with Deputy County Administrator Glenda Bradley to review all the relevant information during a compressed timeframe during January and February to sort through all the requests and examine the spending of the current fiscal year. This also includes forecasting revenues and anticipating budget actions to be taken by the Commonwealth. We are then able to help advise the Board ’ s Budget Guidance Committee as we prepare a recommended draft for consideration by the Board of Supervisors. After reading all the budget information, what have I learned? That we do a LOT of different things to make Orange County a great place to be! Thanks for what you do Team Orange!

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