Orange County Insight February 2023

New Welcome Signs Coming to Eight County Entrance Points Construction has officially begun on a series of entry - way signs for Orange County. Over the next few months, eight (8) entry way signs will be installed at various entrance points into Orange County. These signs are the end result of several years of effort and planning. Orange County is excited to welcome visitors and residents alike as they enter the County. Sign mocks ups and locations are listed below. By: Orange County Economic Development & Tourism

Sign 1: Route 3 & Route 20

Sign 2: Route 3 from Culpeper

Sign 3: Route 20 from Spotsylvania

Sign 4: Route 15 from Madison

Sign 5: Route 33 from Greene

Sign 6: Route 522 from Culpeper

Sign 7: Route 231 from Louisa

Sign 8: Route 522 from Spotsylvania

Page 36 | February, 2023

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