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Still Wondering If You Should Take The Leap? 4 Reasons You Need an IT Service Provider


Minimize Security Risks In the early days of cybercrime, cybercriminals would primarily target large corporations, but now even the smallest business is at risk. Mitigating risks from phishing attacks, ransomware, malware, and hackers requires a proactive 24/7, 365 approach. Broadleaf Security Services identify and eliminate vulnerabilities, monitor and update security patch implementation, and detect threats before they can affect your business and cause financial strain and irreparable damage to your reputation. and are therefore a nightmare when it comes to budgeting. When you work with Broadleaf, the task becomes much easier, since our services are delivered as a monthly subscription fee based on a simple and affordable pricing model. Our service offering is flexible in order to meet the IT needs of businesses in varied industries and of all sizes. Our customers can subscribe to only the services they need. We are able to ease the burden of having to recruit, hire, train, and certify IT staff, and we never call out or take a vacation! Our team is always available. Ease of Integration We understand that every business has unique needs when it comes to their IT environment. Those that have no IT staff hire us to be their Control Cost IT costs can be difficult to predict

February 2020 offers us one more day to use the value of technology to drive your organization’s goals. Until now, you may have been handling your IT issues yourself and haven’t had much time to consider other options, yet you recognize that emerging technology offers opportunities to expand your reach and work more efficiently. Here are four reasons why you should take that leap and hire an IT managed services provider like Broadleaf. Maximize Peace of Mind Running a business is time-consuming — it requires you and your staff to focus on all aspects of your operations. Often, businesses with limited resources will rely on an office manager, CFO, or engineer to handle their IT responsibilities. If a company does have an IT specialist, much of the work they perform is reactive instead of proactive because they are spread so thin. It’s common for them to spend their days (and nights and weekends!) handling end-user issues that pop up, as well as more serious network issues that leave employees without access to essential resources. Because of these time and labor constraints, it’s rare for them to proactively monitor systems, develop tech plans, or review the current IT structure and policies the way Broadleaf does.

outsourced IT team. Others have an IT resource but wish to free that person to work on more strategic tasks, which then turns IT into a profit driver rather than a cost center. Still others choose to outsource some IT responsibilities such as help desk or security services, which are time- consuming but more important than ever. When you partner with Broadleaf, you add a team of IT experts to your resource pool Ready to take the leap? If you have any questions or concerns regarding your own current IT structure, never hesitate to reach out. Feel free to call us anytime at 866-337-7733 or visit our website at .

–Chuck Mosca



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