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A Thanksgiving Wish

As the weather turns cold and Thanksgiving approaches, my thoughts and gratitude always turn to the truckers who link our nation together this time of year. From the Butterball turkeys driven to countless supermarkets to the Christmas gifts already en route to stores and homes across America, many of our holiday traditions would be impossible without the men and women willing to give up their own holidays to actually deliver these goods. That level of sacrifice and commitment is something that I feel goes overlooked in the national discourse. I was too young to remember my grandfather’s trucking days, but my older sister vividly remembers at least one Christmas when he couldn’t be there on Christmas morning. He drove the I-5 at odd times to try to avoid the worst of the commuters from Thanksgiving through Christmas. My sister waited to open her presents until he came in after a long drive. For my own part, I’ve always found spending the holidays away from home extremely difficult, especially Thanksgiving, a time when family and togetherness are woven into the fabric of the celebrations. I’ll never forget the first time I had a Thanksgiving away from home. I was 19 years old and pursuing an opportunity in Illinois. With only enough time and money to make it back home to the Northwest for a single visit that late in the year, Thanksgiving naturally got the short end of the stick in favor of Christmas. Thankfully, I had a good friend my age who offered to let me spend the holiday at his parents’ house in Missouri. As grateful as I was to have a turkey dinner among friends, I don’t think any act of kindness could have cured the homesickness I felt on that day.

this year. Thankfully, I’m blessed with friends and extended family in the area and a job that allows me to take the holiday off. In a time of such strife and disagreement, we need days like Thanksgiving more than ever so we can slow down and take stock of just how good we have it in this country. There has truly never been a better time or place to be alive in human history than right now in the United States of America, yet we tend to lose sight of this. Among the many blessings this Thanksgiving are the truckers who are willing to brave holiday traffic to deliver goods and services to our loved ones. They deserve our gratefulness.

In a time of such strife and disagreement, we need days like Thanksgiving more than ever so we can slow down and take stock of just how good we have it in this country.

To those making the long haul across this great nation while the rest of us sit down with our loved ones, thank you. Your underappreciated work helps makes this season magical for the rest of us. I hope you find time to sit down to a great feast of your own with family and friends whenever you make the last leg home.


With my parents now living in Michigan, I’m once again spending Thanksgiving away from them

–Mark Bigger

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