May/June 2018



The NCCA annual meet- ing in San Antonio Texas was again very well attended and equally informative. A presentation by Paula Hirtz, of the EPA, was a surprise but welcome event. As the EPA is currently conducting Email: PRODUCTION / ADVERTISING / MARKETING CIRCULATION MANAGER Linda M. Colaiacovo CORPORATE SALES / MARKETING EDITORIAL OFFICE P.O. Box 329 Cedar Grove, NJ 07009 201-303-6789 Email: Volume 23 Issue 3, May / June 2018 Copyright 2018 Coil World is published bi-monthly by CJL Publishing, Inc. P.O. Box 329 Cedar Grove, NJ 07009 SUBSCRIPTION RATE One year subscription rate for U.S. and possessions, $75. In Canada and outside U.S. $175 Payable in U.S. currency. PRINTING Sutherland Printing 525 North Front Street P.O. Box 550 Montezuma, IA 50171-0550 641-623-5115 Coil World is a trademark of CJL Publishing Inc. Coil World is published bi-monthly by CJL Publishing with its office located at P.O. Box 329, Cedar Grove, NJ 07009 phone: 201-303-6789 Pre-Sorted postage paid at Pontiac, IL permit # 592. Philip Colaiacovo, President, Editor, and Publisher. Copyright 2006 by CJL Publishing Inc. All rights reserved. Materials in this pub- lication must not be reproduced in any form without the written permission of the publisher. Applications for a free subscription may be made on the free subscription card in this issue. Paid subscription rates are $75 per year in the U.S.; $175 in Canada, Mexico, Europe and the Far East. Single copy price is $15. Postmaster: Send address changes to Coil World P.O. Box 329, Cedar Grove, NJ 07009.

Risk and Technology Reviews within our indus- try, it was good to see that government agencies are reaching out to industry experts to try to create an environment of cooperation during these reviews. I think outreach for industry in- put shows the philosophy of this administration to help industries while also performing their regulatory duties. Here is a release and link to Paula Hirtz presentation on the EPA website for those who were not present for it live in Texas: “On April 30, 2018,  Paula Hirtz of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) pre- sented information on a rulemaking that may potentially affect the coil coating industry at the 2018 National Coil Coating Association Conference in San Antonio. This presentation is available at: ( sources-air-pollution/surface-coating-metal- coil-national-emission-standards-hazardous).”


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