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Cap sur Tamarin is the quarterly magazine of Cap Tamarin Smart & Happy Village. This magazine has been designed to provide you Smart & Happy News in the region, some shopping tips, a few must-try activities, and wonderful encounters with our residents of Cap Tamarin and much more...

Portraits by Stéphane Mussard a series of portraits of the beautiful people of Tamarin.

June 2022 4th Edition

EDITO 2022, a year of realisation

After two digital issues (due to the COVID-19 situation), the paper version of Cap sur Tamarin is finally back – with just the right timing to update you on the wonderful projects that are taking shape this year! Despite the global disruption, Cap Tamarin Smart & Happy Village has continued to move forward, driven by the resilience of its teams and strong ambitions.

Villas A’loès


C+S Clinic (Phase 1)


We are therefore proud to announce for the year 2022:

• The start of construction of Phase 1 of the C+S clinic • The delivery of the A’loès villas • The opening of the Cap Tamarin Park • The start of construction work for the L’Ofis and O’Patio developments

We have quite a bit on our plate! And we hope you will enjoy it.

We wish you a pleasant read!

Ashvin Seeboo CEO Real Estate, Trimetys Group

Cap Tamarin Park



Table of contents

05 - Portraits by Stéphane Mussard 07 - 4 questions to Cédric Descombes

08 - Painting the Black River coast with Yeshen Gunnoo 09 - Portrait of Anandi Mahadoo, from Yemen Salt Pans

11 - The 10 commandments of healthy eating 13 - Football for the ladies

15 - C+S moves to Cap Tamarin 17 - Smart City - Chapter 3: Smart Economy

19 - What’s new at Cap Tamarin? 21 - Coeur Cap Tamarin in brief 23 - La Place Cap Tamarin:

Even more shopping experiences

25 - Discover the west coast by catamaran 28 - Street food: Our 3 favourites


The Mauritian photographer and videographer, Stéphane Mussard grew up in Tamarin before leaving for Paris to train in the audiovisual industry. He also worked for various production companies before returning to his native island in 2014. He now specialises in lifestyle and portrait photography. Over the next few issues of Cap sur Tamarin, Stéphane will share with us a series of portraits of the beautiful people of Tamarin. Just have a look.


You can find Cyril at the Tamarin Surf School, roaming around the bay, riding a wave – or in “The Forgotten Island of Santosha”, a 1970s surf movie.


Les Salines Cafeteria was the first restaurant to open in Tamarin in 1996. It offers “the best Chinese food in the West!” says the manager, Paul.


Shirley et Noël Shirley and Noël run the Tamarin Store, which was opened in the 1960s by the latter’s father, Roger. He is the man in the picture frame on the bottom left!

For over 40 years, Abdool has been making jewellery, chandeliers and necklaces from objects found on the beach – driftwood, sea urchin spines, shells, etc. The craftsman draws his inspiration from meditation and... from his 20 cats. Abdool


Cédric Descombes is a resident of Tamarin and the General Manager of Plankton Recycling Co-operative Sty Ltd. He tells us more about this cooperative enterprise based in Bel Ombre.

What is the purpose of Plankton? Plankton is a recycler. We turn glass bottles and jars into glass sand of different sizes for various uses. Most of our production is used for pool filtration systems. It is an eco-friendly solution that lasts longer and requires less maintenance. What is the situation with regard to glass recycling in Mauritius? Plankton is currently the only solution for glass recycling in Mauritius. There are about 16,000 tonnes of glass that end up in the Mare Chicose landfill every year and we recycle only 200- 300 tonnes per year. How can we recycle more glass? We improved our capacity and speed with the purchase of a new glass crushing machine in 2018, but it remains underutilised. More emphasize should be put on collect initiatives (by multiplying these nearby depots...) to further encourage the households in their waste sorting.

Where can the residents of Black River drop off their glass waste? Plankton initially collected only glass waste from hotels in the South of the island. In 2019, Big Willy’s became a collection point for local residents. The residents of Tamarin and the neighbouring villages can also now put their glass waste in the sorting bins provided for this purpose in the Super U car park.


5254 0334

with Yeshen Gunnoo Painting the Black River coast

The watercolourist, Yeshen Gunnoo has been painting Mauritius for 35 years with a remarkable passion for Black River, as evidenced by his exhibition in November 2021 at Coeur Cap Tamarin.

The inspiration The painter is particularly inspired by the Black River coast, where he has spent a lot of time since his childhood; his mother is “enn zanfan Riviernwar” – a native of the region. After graduating from the School of Fine Arts at the Mahatma Gandhi Institute, he returned there regularly to make his first paintings. The process Yeshen travels the island by bus and on foot with his easel, painting his works on the spot. The scents, colours and atmosphere of a place add texture to his paintings. In Black River, his work is inspired by the

scent of acacia trees, pie lakol (which directly translates to ‘glue tree’) and pie maron. The sharing He feels that it is important to share the emotion in a painting. This is precisely why his pricing remains affordable to allow the greatest number of people to have access to his art. His works are not available on websites or social networks; he invites you to come and meet him directly at his place in Vacoas.


Yeshen Gunnoo

5931 0306

“I have been a salt worker since 1992” Anandi Mahadoo

We sat down with Anandi Mahadoo, who has been working at the Yemen salt pans for 30 years. Her positive attitude is only matched by her passion for her work.

The Yemen salt pans are a national treasure. They have been in operation for 75 years and are the only remaining salt works on our island. Anandi Mahadoo is well aware of their worth. “My mother was a salt worker here. I was 10-11 years old when I started coming with her to give her a hand. And I officially took a job here after I got married.” During the harvest period, Anandi is busy working in her salt basins six hours a day. “Each of us has our own basins.” She is a tireless worker who spends her time scraping, knocking, brushing and shovelling. “The crystals become sticky when it rains. Then you have to break the coarse salt to remove it from the bottom of the basin.” Fortunately, Anandi has flexible working conditions. She can decide to start work earlier, continue later in the afternoon and even get help to speed up things if she wants.



When the salt harvesting season is over, the determined salt worker spends her time cleaning the basins, then sewing gunny bags, filling them with salt and weighing them. “I can do everything and I love doing everything!” “I like to work here! You do have days when it’s not so easy. But I’ve been a salt worker since 1992 and I come to work every morning with a real love for what I do. The salt pans mean a lot to me and I hope they will be around as long as I live!” proudly says Anandi to those who ask her why she wouldn’t prefer an another job.

« I like to work here ! »


nutritionist & founder of Nutri Smart

Read Yovanee’s book, My Mauritian Kitchen, for more tips. The good news ?

11 5250 8384



Mix colours, textures and flavours on your plate. Variety is THE key word.

Eat everything in the right quantities. There is no miracle diet!



Tune in to your hunger to avoid compulsive eating.

Stay hydrated and avoid cravings. You need 2 litres of water a day. So go and get your bottles!



Cook your own food. This is the best way to take control of your diet.

Ban ultra-processed foods and opt for fresh, natural ones.



Eat the food, don’t drink it. It’s better for digestion and lower in calories.

Eat 4-5 fruits and vegetables a day.



Take time to eat and enjoy what you eat!

Consume fibre-rich foods, which are also good for digestion.

10% off for Cap sur Tamarin readers on presentation of this coupon!


The girls took part in several national team trials in 2021. Yrena, Lola, Manon and Emilie were selected to join the U-17 age group! For Lola, entering the world of football at a national level has improved her self-confidence both on the pitch and in life. According to Loïc, a woman football player must give her very best on the pitch, “There is no progress without effort.” As with the boys, the coach encourages his players to focus on discipline, personal commitment, solidarity and a good understanding of the game.

The first women’s team at Riverland Sports Club was launched about two years ago by Loïc Joanno, in charge of the football academy of the club. Four of his protégées now play for the national Under-17 (U-17) team. By chance or coincidence, when Loïc took up his duties in 2020, a pitch time slot was available. He therefore decided to use it to set up a women’s football team. A few girls joined in through the NGO, Les Anges du Soleil and new recruits were attracted through word of mouth.


Yrena has been interested in football since her childhood – her father is passionate about the game and enjoys watching football on TV. “When I started a year ago, I immediately took a liking to the game and wanted to push my own boundaries,” she says.






Lola, who started playing football with the boys, immediately felt well integrated into this predominantly male environment. “Now it’s the boys who come to cheer us on at our games,” she says with a smile. This will undoubtedly be an exciting adventure for the four Riverland Sports Club players.


483 4956 / 483 4413

Cap Tamarin has brought on board the services of C+S Health Diagnostics (a subsidiary of the IBL Group’s Life Together) to meet the healthcare and wellness needs of the residents of the West with high quality holistic care. The first phase of the project will be operational from September 2022. Existing buildings will be used for a medical diagnostics facility with emergency services, medical consultations, imaging, a medical analysis laboratory and an outpatient surgery unit. The second phase in 2024 will include the construction of an extension to accommodate hospitalisation services and a special offer for senior citizens. Residents of Cap Tamarin and the West will thus enjoy close proximity to healthcare services and access to a multidisciplinary team of specialists and general practitioners. “This really guarantees better consultation regarding patient care, whether for diagnosis, treatment, follow-up or rehabilitation,” says Olivier Schmitt, Chief Operating Officer (COO) Health & Wellness, IBL Life.



COMING SOON at Cap Tamarin

C+S is a multi-disciplinary health diagnostic center, coming soon in the Smart & Happy Village of Cap Tamarin, to offer high levels of medical expertise, imagery services and laboratory analysis to healthcare professionals and patients. Our approach to healthcare and wellness is driven by a desire to create a physician-patient and a patient-physician relationship that is centered on trust. You are a medical practitioner and you are interested in finding out more about our new center and how we can collaborate, to better attend to the needs of your patients, then contact us by sending us an email:

Medical Consultations

Medical Laboratory

Radiology and Imagery


Daycare Surgery

Emergency Services Ambulance

Hospital at Home

Chapitre 3: Smart Economy

This part of our special feature sheds light on the smart economy.

Cap Tamarin aims to become a focal point for the West. Our smart city positions itself as a hub for entrepreneurs and a new economic capital. The current objective is to improve the productivity of the various stakeholders while improving their living environment.

Encouraging entrepreneurship

This is no longer an aspiration but a reality. The smart city’s master plan is designed to encourage interaction between users and consequently, to foster competitiveness and entrepreneurship. A number of factors contribute to setting up a dynamic economic hub, such as connecting work spheres together; creating coworking spaces where different skills converge; and property developments like L’Ofis, which provides four types of spaces in one – Live, Work, Play, Learn.

Picture a city where entrepreneurs are encouraged to work together on a daily basis; a city that brings together the best minds to generate great ideas; a city where economic players challenge each other and work side by side to take the region, and even the country, forward.


Quality of life to drive productivity

There is no doubt that traffic jams, long commute times and the difficulty to meet obligations for logistical reasons affect productivity. Cap Tamarin Smart & Happy Village unlocks productivity by forming concentric zones that bring together all the amenities required by its users – both professionally and personally. As a result, this creates more fulfilled individuals with better everyday comfort, more efficient employees at work and thriving businesses. There are great challenges ahead for the city of tomorrow. And the benefits are even greater for all those involved.


What’s up A’loès?

Villas A’loès is taking shape with five villas and the perimeter wall under construction! Nine 202 m² plots are still up for grabs. Book an appointment to meet our sales team at La Place Cap Tamarin from Monday to Friday between 8.30am and 5.00pm and on Saturday mornings.


A ‘green lung’ at Cap Tamarin

Landscaping work is well underway at Cap Tamarin Park. Endemic trees and plants such as Mimusops coriacea (monkey’s apple), Tournefortia argentea (heliotrope), Diospyros egrettarum (coastal ebony) and Cyphostemma mappia (Mapou tree) as well as part of the lawn will be planted in March 2022. Construction of the pétanque court will also be launched! The wait is nearly over and completion is scheduled for last trimester of 2022.

Express your Art

Bringing various forms of expression to life and promoting the emergence of talent has become a reality for Cap Tamarin through a call for art-project submissions. The artists were selected in March. You will see their work soon on the walls of the Smart & Happy Village.The project has been made possible with the support of the sponsors, PND, Cresta and Sofap.

Promote #ShopLokal by supporting good quality produce

The Cap Tamarin Farmer’s Market, a weekly Saturday morning event between 9am and noon, was revived in November 2021. It is a single place to connect producers practising sustainable farming and informed residents by promoting healthy and conscientious consumption habits through chemicals- free and sustainable farming produce, a food and handicrafts market, etc. To join the Farmer’s Market, contact:


Beautiful hair flips with Le Studio Paris Le Studio Paris is your newest hairstyling destination at Coeur Cap Tamarin! High-quality products and a team of professionals trained at the L’Oréal and Kérastase Academy in Ebene perfectly combine to deliver five-star service! Monday to Saturday from 9am to 8pm Sunday from 9am to 2.30pm F :

Sitar, a taste of India in the West Sitar has chosen Coeur Cap Tamarin to open its third restaurant on the island. Its chefs are flown straight from Northern India to treat us to a wonderful selection of specialties like butter chicken, rogan josh, dal makhani, dal tadka and cheese naan to name a few. Take your pick! Monday to Friday from 10am to 10pm Weekends from 10am to 11pm F : @sitarmauritius

Hello from Rose Pharmacy Tamarin! Rose Pharmacy Tamarin opened its doors in October 2021. In addition to pharmaceuticals, there are also cosmetics, childcare, orthopaedic and veterinary products, among others. Call in and speak to their experts for advice.

Monday to Saturday from 9am to 8.30pm Sundays and public holidays from 9am to 3pm F : @rosepharmacytamarin


La Place Cap Tamarin Even more shopping experiences! We introduced you to six great shopping options in our previous issue. Here are five other places to visit on your next trip.

Nabridas Nabridas is quite simply THE market leader in swimming pools! With more than 20 years of expertise, they supply equipment, accessories and swimming pool supplies to create convivial spaces and fill your dreams with sunshine.

T : 233 2702 F : @nabridas

Pers’o No more Sunday household chores with Pers’o! This laundry service for individuals offers professional quality, eco-friendly washing. They take care of your clothes and accessories, but also your curtains, bedding, tapestries and other household items. It’s OK if you don’t feel like driving to Pers’o, they will come to your place.

T : 207 2000 F : @persotextilecare


BCP Bank Looking for a trusted global banking partner? BCP Bank (Mauritius) is just what you need! Ranked among the top 10 in Africa, this subsidiary of the Banque Centrale Populaire Group offers home loans in local or foreign currency. It also provides savings products according to your projects.

T : 207 1000 F : @bcpbankmauritius

Sha Floral According to the French writer, Victor Hugo, “Life is a flower”. Sha Floral invites you to celebrate life with fresh flowers and personalised bouquets! Not to forget the impeccable service with a smile!

T : 57 67 37 10/ 57 18 66 38 E :

Barachois Pharmacy It’s Sunday, you just woke up and you’re sick. Where can you find a pharmacy? Look no further, Barachois Pharmacy is open 7/7 with a wide range of products. The personnel is always ready to listen to your specific needs and guide you: pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, allopathic, perfumery or wellness products.

T : 483 83 45


Just the two of us…

We came across the first dolphins after half an hour. They swam alongside our boat for a moment before continuing their way in the great blue sea. Once the emotions had sunk in, we sailed towards La Preneuse for a swim. We put on our snorkelling gear and slipped into the turquoise blue lagoon to explore the beautiful coral reefs. Lying on the trampoline or sitting in the lounge area sheltered from the wind, we set sail with music playing in the background. We took in the rhythm of the waves while sipping a mojito! It was 9am when we joined the Tamarin Bay Cruises team at La Balise Marina to spend a romantic day on board their catamaran. We could admire the morning sun reflecting on the undulating waters of the bay. Sea and sky merged into one and time seemed to stand still.


The whirlwind of emotions had given us an appetite! After enjoying lunch on board with a view of Ile aux Bénitiers, we spent the rest of the day lying around and sunbathing. We let ourselves be lulled by the waves as we approached the bay and arrived back at the pier at 3pm, our heads full of memories.

Tamarin Bay Cruises also offers: • Dolphin encounters; • Kayaking; • Stand up paddle; • Sundowner cruises; and many more adventures!

T : 54 23 40 05 F : @tamarinboathouse

Visit the Cap Tamarin Facebook page for a chance to win a trip for two with Tamarin Bay Cruises.


Our 3 favourites

Looking for exciting street food experiences in Tamarin? We have personally tested and approved the following three outlets.

Blond Boulette Jean-Marie’s kiosk in Tamarin Bay always attracts a long queue. You can enjoy all kinds of dumplings, minn bwi (boiled noodles) and minn frir (stir-fry noodles) sitting on a bench facing the sea, under the welcome shade of the trees. Tuesday to Friday from 10am to 3.30pm Weekends from 10am to 4.30pm T: 54 79 22 97

Roti Lakaz Make your way down to La Place Cap Tamarin to taste Mala’s famous roti with a home-made lemon or tamarind juice. Keep in mind however that her specialties are very popular and her first customers are already there from 6am!

Monday to Saturday from 6am to 1.30pm T: 52 51 18 24

La Bonne Bouffe La Bonne Bouffe’s trailer is also located at La Place Cap Tamarin and is the right place for those who want to have the luxury of choice. The menu features dishes like minn frir, fried rice, dumplings, minn bwi, burgers and meals on order (chicken curry, octopus curry, fish vindaloo, etc.).

Monday to Saturday from 10am to 4pm T: 54 92 83 69



Parce que chaque voyageur est unique, nous proposons des voyages à votre image, à deux, en famille ou en groupe. Circuits privés, autotours, séjours insolites, luxe ou clubs (revendeur Club Med), croisières Ponant, Aurora, Royal Caribbean... Service de conciergerie 24/24 pour tous nos clients à destination.

Planète l’agence - La Place Cap Tamarin - Mauritius Tél. : 4830045 -

Reveillez-vous en pleine forme ! Kalachand Bedding World est à Tamarin!

Maintenant à

Sottise Rd Grand Bay 263 0322 | 263 2866

Trianon La City 466 8899 | 466 5322

Royal Rd Coromandel 233 7948 | 233 2133

Super U Tamarin 650 1188

Royal Rd - G.R.N.W (HEAD OFFICE) 233 1555| 233 2444 | 233 1919

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