How to Bring Out the Good Inspiring ideas and activities to help you—along with family, friends and colleagues—make a difference in your community


Inside Discover ideas, inspiration and activities to help you—together with your family, friends or coworkers—create positive social change in your community

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TomWilson, Chairman and CEO, Allstate

5 Ignite your passion for making a difference Craig Kielburger and Marc Kielburger, Co-Founders, WE

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The Allstate Foundation’s signature programs

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Meet four Allstaters making a difference

12 How to bring out the good Follow these four simple steps to start making an impact in your community today

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Let’s bring out the good Giving back is how we show we’re a different kind of company Allstaters share a commitment to helping others. Agency owners and employees are passionate about making a difference in people’s lives. Together, we’re working to create a 22nd Century Corporation that’s a force for good. Our people, capabilities and resources are driving this transformation. Through Allstate Foundation programs like Good Starts Young, with its focus on youth empowerment, and Purple Purse, with its commitment to end domestic violence, we’re tackling some of society’s most challenging issues and inspiring people across America to create positive social change. Whatever cause you’re passionate about, we want to help you bring out the good. We encourage you to join with your family and friends at home or your colleagues at work to make giving back a meaningful part of your daily lives. To help you get started, The Allstate Foundation has teamed up with our charity partner, WE, to create this customized how-to guide. WE is an organization that brings people together and gives them the tools to change the world. Our WE partnership gives you access to a wide range of unique programs and resources—like this guide—designed to engage Allstaters and their families in working together for a better world. Read on to discover tips, resources and step-by-step advice on how you and your family can make a difference in your community. We hope it will inspire you to help and serve others—and become an unstoppable force for good.

Ignite your passion for making a difference Get started with this guide we’ve created just for you

Through your everyday actions, big or small, you can make a world of difference in the lives of others. By joining together at home and at work to support causes that you care about, you not only create positive social change, you inspire others to get involved too. There are so many benefits to giving back. When you combine social action with social- izing, you connect with others in a whole new way. You have the opportunity to spend quality time with the people in your life, growing closer to each other by working together to achieve a shared goal. You’ll feel more connected to your community and personally invested in helping it thrive. And when you see the results of your efforts, you’ll experience a greater sense of satisfaction and purpose. It’s easy to get startedwhen you follow the four simple steps outlined in this guide. The process begins with figuring out the cause you’re most passionate about, followed by identifying the ways you can meaningfully contribute to achieve your goal. We’ve added ideas and activities to inspire your thinking and kick-start your efforts. Together, let’s foster hope, build community and contribute to a better world, today and for the next generation.

TomWilson Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Allstate

Craig Kielburger Co-Founder, WE

Marc Kielburger Co-Founder, WE WE makes doing good, doable.



Driving real change These Allstate Foundation signature initiatives are making a profound difference in the lives of others Good Starts Young

Purple Purse The Allstate Foundation Purple Purse helps survivors of domestic violence break free and stay free of their abusers through financial empowerment. Using our knowledge of financial services and deep communityreach, TheAllstateFoundation has helped more than one million people on the path to safety and security and has investedmore than $55million to empower women to break free from abuse. With The Allstate Foundation’s support, WE has developed middle, high school and university educational resources focused on engaging young people in conversations about establishing healthy relationships.

TheAllstateFoundationGoodStartsYoung is our comprehensive program shining a light on America’s youth and their role in society as problem solvers. We invest in social and emotional learning experiences that develop character and inspire youth to take action through service. When young people believe in themselves and are empowered with the knowledge, skills and resources to be leaders, they have the potential to help change the world for the better and create healthier, stronger and safer communities. Since 2014, The Allstate Foundation has invested more than $45 million in the Good Starts Young youth empowerment initiative. TheWE Volunteer Now campaign, speaking tour and grants program were created in collaboration with WE to provide young peoplewiththetools, supportandinspiration to rally their friends together to create positive social change. You can join us in supporting a variety of programsthatempower futuregenerations to make a difference in their community.

Learn more:

Learn more:



Role models Meet four Allstaters making a difference

Chris Saunders Roanoke, Virgina Senior Team Leader, Allstate Roanoke

Mireya Bici Charlotte, North Carolina Quality and Training Leader, Allstate Charlotte

“I’ve met so many great individuals that I wouldn’t have been able to meet in my everyday life. I find a purpose in helping out.” Chris Saunders began volunteering 12 years ago when his grandfather was diagnosed with cancer and needed blood transfusions. Today he runs six blood drives a year with the American Red Cross and co-chairs the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life for his Allstate team. “I think it’s important to give back. I’m lucky and blessed to have a company that puts a focus on community service.”

“I live by this quote from Albert Einstein, ‘Only a life lived for others is worth living’.” Mireya Bici is passionate about empower- ing women and youth, and finds true joy in giving back to her community. She donates her time to Mujeres Latinas en Accion to help survivors of domestic violence and supports a variety of youth programs including Urban Initiatives and Erie Neigh- borhood House. Knowing she has made a difference in someone’s life is the only thanks she’ll ever need. “At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter howmuchmoney youmake or what you have, it really comes down to what you do to help people who are less fortunate.”

“At the end of the really comes down to what you do to help people who are less fortunate.” —Mireya Bici, Quality and Training Leader



“Volunteerism is kind of like voting: Each ballot makes a difference, but it’s the sum of every vote that really creates tangible change. No matter the scale, I think all of us have the ability—and responsibility—to build the kind of society we

Suzanne Glass Dubois, Pennsylvania Wallace Allstate Team, The Wallace Insurance Agency

Yolanda Sullivan Jamaica, Queens, New York Agency Principal, Sullivan-Hernandez Agency Inc.

want by giving back in some way.” —Dan Waters, Media Relations Specialist

“Start with your heart; start with what matters to you. Follow your passion and you’re going to make the biggest impact.” Suzanne Glass gives back to her community by teaching cancer patients how to care for their skin, getting coffee for veterans and donating school supplies to at-risk youth. But it’s the everyday actions, like finding a mechanic for someone whose car has broken down, or inspiring youth to find their voice, that bring her themost joy. “Don’t be afraid [to volunteer]. Good comes around to those who do good. Every little bit makes a difference. There is a ripple effect to every small positive act youmake.”

“When you’re able to pay it forward and see that smile on someone’s face, it means the world.” Yolanda Sullivan and her family, which includes three generations of Allstate agency owners, create change through interactive community development work. These Allstate agency owners take part in New York City’s Summer Youth Employ- ment Program, a mentorship program that provides at-risk youth with paid summer employment and the opportunity to experience a professional work environ- ment. “You give them the opportunity to realize how important it is to pay it forward and to give back. That creates a legacy of people who will continue to pay it forward themselves.”



How to bring out the good Your step-by-step guide to making a difference



Getting started Follow these four steps to make an impact today

You’re committed to making a difference in your community. Why not invite others— your family, circle of friends, coworkers—to contribute their unique talents to help make your community a better place? By working together as a team, you can unleash the power of your collective energy, skills, enthusiasm and drive. And, it’s a great way to spend time together in a meaningful way. Step 1: Find your passion and purpose It all starts with exploring the issues that are most important to you and learning more about root causes and how to tackle them. Then set a specific, measurable goal that you can work toward. In this section, we’ll give you some ideas to kick-start this discussion to decide on your mission as a team. Step 2: Create an action plan In this section, you’ll learn how to identify the steps you need to take in order to reach your goals, and how to put those steps into a concrete action plan. You’ll also discover tips for fundraising and be inspired by five ready-made campaigns you can follow to make an impact. Step 3: Take action It’s time to get out there and make it happen! Even small actions can make a difference. You’ll discover tips on how to amplify your cause (and make an even bigger impact) along with easy ways to help your campaign stay on track. Step 4: Celebrate and share your impact It’s important to look back at your goals to evaluate and celebrate the impact you’vemade individually or as a group. Wrap up your campaign by sharing your results and thanking everyone who contributed. Ready to get started? Read on to begin your step-by-step journey to making a difference.



Step 1 Finding your passion and purpose

We’re all energized by our passions—and when we apply them to an issue to create change, the impact is extraordinary.

You have so much to offer: your time, energy, expertise and compassion. As you rally together with family and friends to help others, you’ll also discover a renewed sense of purpose. If you’re eager to make a difference but aren’t sure where to begin, start with these ideas to help you identify a cause that’s important to you. 1. Make it personal A personal connection to a cause can supercharge your commitment and fuel your desire to make things better. Start by thinking about issues affecting those around you—family, friends, neighbors or colleagues— and what you can do to help. There are so many ways to contribute and any number of local organizations looking for donors and volunteers. You may be passionate about fundraising for medical research, taking a stand against bullying, coaching a kids’ soccer team… it all starts with identifying what matters most to you. 2. Explore your neighborhood With friends or family, take a walk around your neighborhood to look for issues close to home. You may notice something that’s present, like litter, or something that’s missing, like wheelchair accessibility or a safe place for kids to play. Are there people who are homeless or in need? Reach out to community resources to find out how you can you help. 3. See the bigger picture Beyond our own small circle, we’re all connected through our shared humanity. Each day, the headlines shine a light on some of the world’s most challenging issues: human rights, sustainability, natural disasters, poverty, access to education and food insecurity. It’s through empathy and compassion—by putting ourselves in another’s shoes—that we feel compelled to help. Have a discussionwith your crew—youmay find that your passions and interests lead you to look far beyond your local community.

Learn more fromWE about specific local and global issues.



Step 2 Create an action plan

What steps can you take to tackle the issues you care about?

Community building comes in many forms—you can volunteer your time, offer your skills and professional experience, donatemoneyormuch-needed items, or simplybe there for someone in need. Discuss with your family, friends or team how best to move forward to achieve your goals and then decide on a course of action. Here are five different ways tomake an impact.

1. Volunteering By giving your time and talent to an organization, you’ll help them carry out their mission while becoming part of the solution. 2. Awareness-raising Speak up, reach out and garner attention for a cause or issue in order to increase others’ understanding of its urgency and importance. Share your knowledge about an issue by posting to your social media network, writing for local websites or newspapers, or giving a talk at your neighborhood community center or library. 3. Fundraising Join a registered public charity’s fundraising efforts by contacting the charity to see how you can help. 4. Material support Collect donations of items like canned goods, gently used clothing or books for a charitable cause. 5. Advocacy Support a cause or push for change by taking a stand on an issue. Collect signatures for a petition, call or write elected officials in your city or state, cast your ballot—whatever action you choose, let your voice be heard!

Action Plan checklist □ □ Decide on your cause. □ □ Pick a charity or non-profit and let them know you want to help. □ □ Decide on the type of action—is it a single event or longer-term campaign? □ □ Set an exact timeline and a S.M.A.R.T. goal (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, time bound). □ □ Organize your group with specific roles, including a leader, a treasurer and a group secretary to manage communications.

□ □ Create an engaging web or social media page that tells people why you’re taking action and how people can contribute. □ □ Reach out to your community and wider network to join you in your campaign. □ □ Track your progress and watch as you reach your goal. □ □ Share updates with your team and supporters. □ □ Tally your donated goods and deliver them to your chosen charity. □ □ Celebrate your success with your team and thank everyone who made it possible.



Looking for ideas? Here are five action campaigns to help you make an impact

WE Volunteer Now Make volunteering a family activity with the WE Volunteer Now campaign. Getting involved as a family will teach kids that even small, everyday actions can make a difference in someone’s life. Find ideas, tips and campaign resources here . School Supply Drive Allstate agency owners and employees across the country can encourage their communities to donate school supplies for students in their local schools. Provid- ing students in need with new supplies will encourage and empower them to be successful in school. Disaster Prep Disaster can strike when you least expect it. The best you can do is to prepare yourself and your community. Local Allstate offices often collect items for disaster prep kits and distribute them to shelters and local charities in need so their constituents can too be prepared.

Purple Purse Challenge Every October, during National Domestic Violence Awareness Month, The Allstate Foundation Purple Purse Challenge gives nonprofits the chance to raise significant funds to provide life-changing services for domestic violence survivors. Each nonprof- it competes to raise the most money to qualify for additional incentive grants from The Allstate Foundation. Food Drive Get together with your family, circle of friends or work team to hold a canned food drive to help others who are less fortunate gain access to nutritious meals. Collect non-perishable food during the fall harvest season and give your local food bank or soup kitchen the food supplies they need to serve the community.



Step 3 Take action

“Volunteerism, to me, is taking action to create more smiles in this world!” —Libby Lewis, LSP Recruiter, Southwest Region

It can be a challenge to find the time and energy to volunteer. Here are some tips to help you stay on top of your social action plan and see your campaign through to your goal.

Team up Many hands make light work! Recruit as many volunteers as possible to help you successfully execute your group action plan. Assign specific roles so that everyone has defined responsibilities and deliverables and knows exactly what to do to contribute. If you’ve taken on the role as group leader, it’s important to delegate to others so that it’s truly a team effort from beginning to end. Be accountable For complete transparency, create a web or social media page to track progress and update your volunteers and supporters with regular reports. Cash collections should be conducted only under the auspices of a registered, public charity. For a listing of registered public charities, check the Attorney General’s website in your State. Educate and inspire Share impact stories, photos, activity updates and campaign results through social media. Consider bringing in a guest speaker—a community leader or someone from your chosen charity—to share their knowledge and success stories with your group.

• Choose a catchy campaign slogan or tagline. (Think #icebucketchallenge) • Create pages or group chats on social media to generate excitement, provide updates and promote upcoming events. • Extend your volunteer efforts by encouraging your social media network to raise awareness through their personal pages. • Take advantage of existing information hubs in your community, workplace or kids’ schools to promote your volunteer efforts through bulletin boards, newsletters or local websites. Tips on getting the word out

• Join a registered public charity’s fundraising efforts by contacting that charity to see how you can help. For a food or clothing drive, designate a clear time and place for people to drop off their items. • Help people feel like they’re part of something meaningful by sharing stories about the individuals or communities that you’ll be helping.



Step 4 Celebrate your impact

It’s time to share that “feel good” glow frommaking a difference in your community.

You did it! Congratulations on completing your successful campaign. As a final wrap up, throw a party to acknowledge your group’s hard work and celebrate the difference you’ve made through your actions. At the event, let everyone know the results in a concrete way (dollars raised, volunteer hours donated, canned goods collected, people helped—however you’ve decided to measure your impact). Thank all those who participated and let donors and other supporters know how their efforts have made a difference.



The Allstate Foundation partnership with WE WE makes doing good, doable. Allstate is passionate about promoting “the good” within our communities, within our classrooms and within ourselves. In support of this commitment, The Allstate Foundation has teamed up with WE to empower youth and families to create positive social change. How to Bring Out the Good is just one example of our collaboration. WE is an organization and a movement that brings people together and empowers them to change the world. The WE Schools service-learning program is transforming students in over 4,200 schools across America, and each year, in six cities, WE Day inspires and celebrates more than 80,000 young people and families for making a difference. WE is a strategic partner in The Allstate Foundation Good Starts Young initiative. The Allstate Foundation is a Founding Partner of WE and a National Co-Title Sponsor of WE Day andWE Schools, bringing amazing experiences and service-learning programs to millions of youth and educators throughout the United States.


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