Dova Center - December 2017/January 2018

December 2017/January 2018

Embrace This Invigorating Season

Start the Year Right With Injections

“We have offeredmany services in the past to help our patients on their journey to health, and as we continue to grow, we strive to offermore services.”

A s 2017 ends and a new year begins, I find it increasingly important to spend time with my family and regularly adjust my health maintenance. Each year, we find ourselves getting stressed out over holiday shopping, meal planning, and preparing for company or travel. And when we’re not stressed, we’re caught up in celebration and having fun. It’s an easy time to lose focus and get out of balance, which is why it is so important to consciously evaluate how well you are maintaining your health. It is the Dova Center for Health & Healing’s goal to help you maintain focus on your health regimen, and the beginning of the year is an ideal time to set new or recurring health targets for the year. We have offered many services in the past to help our patients on their journey to health, and as we continue to grow, we strive to offer more services. Even when you are busy (and we are all busy during this time of year), you can get a quick tuneup with a B12 shot, which we now proudly offer at the Dova Center. These injections take just a few minutes to administer and have long-lasting benefits, so they don’t take much time out of your hectic day.

comes to the Dova Center. This season, give the gift of health with a gift card to the Dova Center. Sometimes, moms and dads with little ones can feel guilty leaving the family to take care of themselves. Give them a stress-free gift card that says, “You are important to me and our family. Please take care of yourself.” This season, you can catch me skiing on Christmas Day with my son and husband. We will also be celebrating my husband’s birthday in December and my birthday in January. We plan on snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, and doing many more outdoor activities. This is an invigorating time of the year, and I encourage you to embrace it in your own health journey. Merry Christmas and happy new year from the Dova Center for Health and Healing.

B12 shots boost your energy, stamina, and immune system, while also improving sleep and reducing depression. When it comes to an illness, prevention is just as important as treatment, and B12 injections will be a powerful counter to the stress of the holidays. Visit our website for more information about our Lipo-Den Extreme, methylcobalamin B12, and hydroxocobalamin B12 injections. Sometimes, our friends and loved ones talk about their stress or their pains, but we see they are not doing anything to take care of themselves. Often, they can benefit from a gentle nudge from a family member or friend to start living a pain-free, stress-free, and vibrant life. We love December and January at the Dova Center because we get to meet a lot of new clients who were given a small nudge in the form of a gift card.


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