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The Best Movie to See This Thanksgiving ‘Ford v Ferrari’

I’m always reminded of how fortunate I am this time of year, but there’s one tale of hardship and perseverance that will put that gratefulness into perspective for anyone. It’s also what the gearhead in your family is most thankful for this Thanksgiving— the theatrical debut of“Ford v Ferrari.” I fell in love with cars when I was 10. The 1999 Ferrari 360 Modena capturedmy imagination, and I’ve been a car enthusiast ever since. I’m a Ferrari fan, so I can’t wait to see the classic rivalry between the two automotive giants play out on the big screen. At the helmof this truly epic story is director James Mangold. Youmay know him fromhis previous work on“Logan”and“Walk the Line.”With Matt Damon as the legend Carroll Shelby and Christian Bale playing the infamous Ken Miles, this movie is sure to be a hit all across Europe and America. The movie seems to take what was a corporately drivenmandate and distills it down to the raw human elements that make the story so compelling. In the early 1960s, Henry Ford II wanted to show the world that Ford Motor Company could compete inmotorsports on a grand scale. He sought to buy Ferrari to gain a competitive edge. While going over the contract, Enzo (Ferrari) found one detail that set everything that followed intomotion. Ford planned on buying not only the automotive company but also the racing division. During a meeting between the two companies, Enzo underlined this stipulation in purple ink and wrote “unacceptable!”He proceeded to throw insults at Henry and the other Ford representatives that

“The movie seems to take what was a corporately driven mandate and distills it down to the raw human elements that make the story so compelling.”

Enzo’s secretary characterized as“words you would not find in any dictionary.”

were plaguing the team as well as opportunities for improvement in the driver’s seat.

After the frustration and embarrassment Henry II suffered, he was driven to beat Ferrari at the Le Mans Grand Prix with their craftsmanship. Henry gave his chief engineer one clear objective:“Go to Le Mans, and beat Ferrari’s ass.”Ford and the entire team soon realized this was going to be no easy task. Even with the assistance of Lola Racing, the team experienced an assortment of challenges and issues until Carroll Shelby came onto the project. If you’re unfamiliar, Carroll Shelby was an automotive icon best known for his development of the AC Cobra and his work on the Ford Mustang. Carroll soon sawmechanical issues that

Ken Miles was one of Carroll’s closest friends and was also a talented driver, mechanic, and engineer. The duo of Ken and Carroll along with the army that was the Ford Motor Company set out to put Ferrari in his place on their terms. The epic tale is set to hit the big screen on Nov. 12 and is a must-see for the gearhead in your family this holiday season. What’s your favorite sports car? Let me know next time you’re in the office. And if you get caught up in a fender-bender, never hesitate to reach out.

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