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THE B IBLE FAMILY MAGAZINE ‘F o r E v e r ,O L o r d ,T h y W o r d is S e t t l e d in H e a v e n - P s a l m II9:89

NO. 11

v o l . 16

NO V EM B E R 1925

S E l iU L L E Tm

FNKSGIVIN6 OCLAMATION ¡ 1 * * * * * » -* * « |H llH ' * «**»**»*»** .

,#W h a t s h a l l I r e n d e r unto the Lo rd fo r all h is b e n e f i t s tow a rd m e ? " - P s a . 116:12. " O f f e r u n to G o d t h a n h s i f i v in ^ i a n d p a y t h y vou/s u n t o th e m o s t High" P sa .50*14.

2 0 r p n f c a rnm > - - ^ 1 .2 5 a t t o o v ^ IT C

iscovered! The Secret of Caruso’s Amazing Vocal Power

T HIS IS AN AGEOF MARVELS. Wonderful scientific discov­ eries have changed our mode of living and ourmode of thinking. One discovery of tremendous benefit to all humanity is the discovery of the principle o f voice control by Eugene Feuchtinger, A. M. H is resulting system of voice developm ent revolutionized old methods, and changes voice developm ent from a little understood art to an exact science. More than that, it brings a Perfect Voice w ithin the reach of every m an and every woman who desires a stronger, richer voice for either singing or speaking. Prof. Feuchtinger’s method is founded on the discovery th at the Hyo-G lossus muscle controls the voice; that a strong, beautiful voice, w ith great range, is due to a well developed Hyo-G lossus—while a weak or a rasping voice is due to under­ developm ent of this vital vocal muscle. A post-mortem exam ination of Caruso’s throat showed a superb developm ent of his Hyo-Glossi muscles. B ut it required years of training under the old method to produce this development. You can develop your Hyo-G lossus in a much shorter time by Prof. Feuchtinger’s wonderful scientific method. You can take this training under the direction of the Professor himself, w herever you may live. «And the cost is so low that it is w ithin the reach of every ambitious m an or’woman. 100% Improvement in YourVoie e—Çuaranteed

"T he Songbird ofth e ages,” Enrico Caruso. The richness, the fullness, the beauty and the as- tounding pow er ofhis voicew as due to the excep­ tional developm ent of his Hyo-Glossus muscle.

You Do Not Know Your Real Voice Until you have tried the Feuchtinger sys­ tem , you cannot know the possibilities of your vocal gifts. Physical Voice Cul­ ture PRODUCES as well as D EV EL ­ OPS the true voice. I t corrects all strain and falsetto and makes clear the won­ derful fact th at any normal person can develop a fine voice if correctly trained. T h o u s a n d s of d e lig h te d graduates testify to this — m any of them great vocal successes who, before coming to Professor Feuchtinger, sang very poor­ ly or not at all. Among P r o f e s s o r Feuchtinger’s pupils are grand opera stars, concert singers, speakers, preach­ ers, actors and educators. FREE! TheWonderful New Book "Physical Voice Culture.f* Send the coupon below and w e will send you FR EE th is valuable w ork on voice cul­ ture. Do not hesitate to ask. Professor Feuchtinger is glad to have us give you this book, and you assum e no obligation w hat­ ever by sending for it. You w ill do yourself a great and lasting good by studying th is book. It m ay be th e first step in your career. Do not delay. Send th e coupon TODAY I Perfect Voice Institute 1922 Sunnyside Ave*» Studio 53-18 Chicago

Professor Feuchtinger’s m ethod is far simpler, far more rapid, far more certain in results than the tedious, hap hazard m ethods of ordinary vocal instructors. H is u n q u a lif ie d success w ith thou­ sands of pupils proves the infallibility of his method. Under his direction, your voice will be made rich, full and vibrant. Its over­ tones will be greatly multiplied. You will add m any notes to its range and have them clear, limpid and alluring. You will have a voice th at is rolling and c o m p e llin g and so strong and magnetic that it will be the marvel of your associates. Professor Feuchtinger ABSOLUTELY GUARANTEES an improvem ent of 100 per cent—a REDOU B LEM EN T of your voice! If you are not absolutely satisfied that your voice is doubled in volume and quality, your m oney will be refunded. You are the only judge. Perfect Voice Institute 1922 Suimvside Ave., Studio 53-18. Chicago, 111. Dear Prof. Feuchtinger: Willyou please send me a copy of your new free book I Physical Voice Cul­ ture”. I understand that this book is free and there is no obligation on my part. I am interested in □ Singing □ Speaking C Stammering □ Weak Vniee .

Eugene Feuchtinger, m usician-scientist, w ho discovered the function of Hyo-Glossus in voice production, and w hose famous “Perfect Voice” system h as developed thousands of voices.

D iagram of th e N orm al T hroat show ing the Complete Vocal M echanism. Y our th ro at looks like this. So did th e th ro at of the great Caruso. Professor F euchtinger’s system of silent, scien­ tific exercises w ill develop your vocal organ to its full strength.


Motto: “ I, the Lord, do keep it; I will water it every moment: lest any hurt it, I will keep it night and day.” Isaiah 27:3. / PUBLISHED MONTHLY BY AND REPRESENTING THE BIBLE INSTITUTE OF LOS ANGELES

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THIS MAGAZINE stan d s fo r th e Infallible W ord of God, an d for its g reat fundam ental doctrines. ITS PURPOSE^ is to stren g th en th e faith of all believers, in all th e w orld; to s tir th e ir h e arts to engage in definite C hristian w ork; to acq u ain t them w ith th e v aried w ork of th e Bible In stitu te of Los A ngeles; an d to w ork in harm ony an d fellow ship w ith them in m agnifying th e perso n an d w ork of o u r L ord Jesu s C hrist, a n d th u s h asten His com ing. Volume XVI November, 1925 Number 11

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J. P . WELLES, Sec. to th e B oard of D irectors W . R. HALE, A ssista n t Superintendent


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5 3 6 -5 5 8 S. H o p e S treet,

L o s A n g eles, C a lifo rn ia

November 1925

T H E K I N G ’S B U S I N E S S


$ 3

¡53 ¡&5 ¡3>j ¡&3 $ 3 $ 3 ^ 3 ¡53 $ 3 $ 3 $ 3 $ 3 £ 3 1 I

KM i

M r . E. M . P o w e l l

J \ . ^ E t f g a l g a g m a n ^E a tf r l a ^R a s t iTV MODEST, manly man of God, Mr. E. M. Powell, of Dallas, Texas, has finished his earthly pilgrimage and his spirit has gone to be with his Lord whom he so devotedly loved and V_ served . ..It was the privilege of the writer to be closely associated with him for six years— three as his pastor and later in Y. M. C. A. work . . . <]JMr. Powell was a model Christian man. He had the Word of God in his hand and in his heart . . . He had a heart for Christian work and workers, and in an unassuming and unobtrusive way, graciously aided many causes . . . The im- press of his life and service has been left upon the hearts and lives of hundreds of people, and he was welcomed into the glory by many who preceded him who had learned to love him .'. . The good woman who walked beside him for so many years in life’s pathway will have the loving sym' pathy and prayers of a host of friends throughout this land and on the mission fields . . Our prayer to our Heavenly Father is: ‘‘Multiply his kind and hasten Thy coming.”

¡& ¡5S j3i |5S (5S s s


November 1925

T H E K I N G ’ S B U S I N E S S



. e d i t o r i a x


lives in defence of His Word and for love of Him, as did our fathers, and as did that Prince of Commoners, William Jennings Bryan? What is the message that comes to us as we approach another Thanksgiving Day? God has been good. Have we deserved His favor? What does the history of the Jews and the history of other nations, as recorded in God’s Word, suggest? Why did He so severely judge and condemn and, in some eases, utterly blot out nations? What does the prophetic Word intimate con­

The President of our country has again called the attention of its citizens to the fact that there is a well- founded reason why we—as a nation—should express our gratitude to Almighty God for His great goodness to us, and—as is the custom—has designated a day for that purpose. We are glad that the custom has not been abandoned.

We need it. Anything and everything that will serve as a reminder to us, as. a people, of our dependence upon God, and of His gracious favor to us, has its influence in stimu­ lating a sense of gratitude to Him. By His grace we have been blessed above all the nations of the earth and this fact should awaken both young and old to face the question, WHY? Has it been because our country has manifested the greatest love and respect for Him? Has it been be­ cause we have honored His Word, upon which our na­ tion was founded, more than other people? . Is it because in this nation He is exalted as King of kings and Lord of lords? Is it because of our humility? our lack of boasting? our desire that all the glory for our achievements should be given to Him? Surely it is for none of these reasons, for to the

cerning this present genera­ tion? What do the present- day conditions portend? God is the same. Sin is the same. Judgment must be the same. Is it right for us to try to evade the well-ac­ cepted fact that the greater the knowledge of righteous law and of deserved punish­ ment, the' greater the com damnation when that law is violated ? What is the call of God to us, as a nation? What will we do with Thanksgiving Day? Will there be confes­ sion and forsaking of sin, and a resolution, by God’s grace, to mend our ways and with expressed grati­ tude for past ‘ mercies and favors, be loyal to His Word and seek to give it to other nations which have been denied the blessings which are burs? The Psalm of Praise, as given by Miss Copley, sug­ gests the solution of the pro­ blem. The ' call from the

Praise Ye the Lord! P s a l m 148 Praise ye the Lord, ye teeming earth; Ye deeps, break into holy mirth; Ye vapors, fire, and hail, and snow, And Stormy wind, His power show. Mountains and hills and. fruitful trees, And cedars, praise with all of these; All beasts and cattle, creeping things, And fowl that swiftly fly on wings. Young men and maidens, praise the Lord; Old men and children, praise accord; Let them all praise. God’s holy name, •; Let them His majesty proclaim. His name alone is excellent, Who hath us every blessing sent; His glory reaches far above The earth and heaven of His love.

—From “Peerless Poems of David the King” by Jane Copley.

great bulk of our people the Bible is an unknown Book, denied and school, and ridiculed by many, so-called, scholarly preachers and teachers. The Sab­ bath Day is observed largely as a day for worldly amusements and pleasures. The prisons arè full of violators of the law, and are often emptied to make room for more convicted criminals. Modesty of dress in girls and women is almost an unknown quantity. Standards of society have been lowered to the lowest depths and real religion is a joke. Newspapers and magazines, to a large extent, are playing into the hands of the, Christ-denying and lawr defying multitude, and thus aiding in the multiplica­ tion of their numbers. WHY ? That is the question. Why the mercy and grace of God to us, as a people ? Is it, perhaps, because God has yet a remnant who believe that Word to which thè President reverently pressed his lips as he took the oath of office? Who believe in Jesus Christ as both Saviour and Lord and stand ready to lay down their

Heavens is to “ Praise the Lord!” Exalt Him! Mag- nify Him! Glorify Him! Pour out the soul in thanks­ giving. Let the poor, restless, sin-sick world know that there is One, and only One to whom all nations and all peoples should bow their heads and lift their voices in adoring praise. A PLEA TO THE PULPIT Every faithful student of present day conditions in the church and in the world is conscious of a manifest drift in church life from the rock bound coast upon which our fathers stood. The church has never been perfect and never will be until the Perfect One comes to perfect it by taking it away from the restless sea of a doomed earth and clothing it with the heavenly garments. But—Yhe church is the representative of the Lord Jesus Christ in this world. The-church belongs to Him; it is under


T H E K I N G ’ S B U S I N E S S

November 1925

orders; it is responsible for its place and privilege in the world. The fact that in the church there are diversities of opinions about certain phases of church government, does not matter. In these things—if we are in His will—there may be perfect harmony. But there is a matter of vital moment to every Christian and to every pastor. The church is the Body of Christ—bone of His bone and flesh of His flesh—and every true believer is there­ fore constituted a part of Christ. No power can ever separate us from this bond which is inwrought and sealed by the Holy Spirit. The church was never left here to save the world. That is impossible. The doom of the world is sealed. Our Lord said, concerning the Holy Sp irit: ‘‘When He is come He will reprove the world of sin, of righteous­ ness and of judgment. Of sin, because they believe not on'me. Of righteousness, because I go to the Father. And of judgment, because the prince of this world is judged.” We were left here to save something out of this world as we have been saved. The charge of Paul to Timothy was ' ‘Preach the Word, in season, out of sea­ son. Reprove, rebuke, exhort, with all long-suffering and doctrine.” The Holy Spirit is here. He lives in us who believe on the Lord Jesus Christ. His mission is defined. He will do the promised work. He will give the promised message. But He must have mouth­ pieces. Where will He get them? Believers are the mouthpieces of the Holy Spirit. A mouth is a sacred instrument, set apart for God’s own service. Every Christian should have this truth emphasized. If our mouths could be cleansed from the guilt of gossip, and clothed with the glorious Gospel, what a change could be wrought. We are sometimes possessed with great fear lest we should hurt the feelings of people in our teaching and preaching and so we use the soft pedal. Men and women want the Gospel. Don’t forget that. We have had many definite expressions from busi­ ness and professional men to the effect that the church has no appeal to them because it makes no appeal to either conscience or heart. The Holy Spirit is given no opportunity to convict of sin, and, logically, there can be no spiritual results. Why not make Sunday a campaign day for souls? Feed the saints in the morning in Sunday School and church, and then all unite in a “ drive for sinners” in the evening. Never let a service close without an opportunity for sinners to confess Christ. . In many long years of observation and practice we have never known this method to be tried without producing satisfying results. WEALTH—WORDS—WORK True riches are embraced in these three words. Paul commands Timothy to “ charge the saints who are rich in worldly wealth not to trust in uncertain riches, but in God who giveth us richly all things to enjoy.” Whatever we have we have in trust. We are not our own. We are the purchased possession of Jesus Christ. We belong to Him, and all that we are and have is His. We are stewards of silver and gold, and also stewards of the Word of God.

He paid a great price for us. He paid it gladly and appointed us as His stewards. We represent Him, He never asks us to be or do anything which He Himself did not do or be. He was rich, but for our sakes He became poor. He withheld nothing. He- bestowed bountifully of all that He had. We must never forget that we are His ambassadors. The Christ whom the world sees and knows, it sees and knows through the lives of His followers, and that is one of the sorrows of Christ,—that we are such poor representatives. It is a busy world and we are occupied with many things. Sometimes, we are so absorbed with things that we have no ear for His voice. He rings the bell, but we do not'hear. He calls with a clear voice, but we do not heed. The message and the mission are given to some one else, and the opportunity is gone forever. It is a great mistake to live out of touch and fellow­ ship with Him. Many dollars have dwindled to dimes which might have increased to ducats had we heard His call. Money is about the most worthless thing in the world when not in circulation. God’s people have the privilege of giving feet to money and sending it on a missionary journey around the world, and as it goes—it grows. The “ widow’s mite” was a “ mighty g ift” and has borne interest now for twenty centuries. What won­ ders might have been wrought had more of God’s peo­ ple worked along the “ -widow’s mite method” ! Words “ fitly spoken are like apples of gold in pic­ tures of silver.” They hang upon the walls of endur­ ing memory, always blessed. Words are either worthy or worthless, and we are told that “ by our words we shall be justified, and by our words we shall be con­ demned. ” The tongue and lips play a great part in human life. As witnesses for our Lord we are to use these lips of ours to proclaim the wonderful story of God’s love and of His voluntary sacrifice for sinful man. Heaven’s radio carries the message. What joy in Heaven when we are justified by our words! When we exalt the cross of Christ! When our lips are pleading with sin­ ners to forsake the “ Broadway” road for the narrow pathway which leads to glory! If we keep our tongue from evil, and our lips from speaking guile, we can use them in telling the sweet story of salvation with the assurance of God’s blessing upon His Word. Works. Jesus said, “My meat (food) is to do the will of Him that sent me and to finish His work.” What is our meat, and should it not be the same as His? Why does our Lord leave us here ? Have you ever asked yourself that question ? Why not take us home to glory? Because He has committed unto us a service like unto His own—a world-wide commission. But so many Christians have never accepted it. From our lives goes a message; from our lips are uttered words; and from our efforts in praying and planning, the wonderful work and Word of God is accomplished. We are His. His wealth is our gift. Our lips are His, formed for the purpose of expressing His truth. Our bodies are His to be used in carrying out His great purpose and preparing for His coming. Why not be about our Master’s business?

(Reproduced by courtesy of the Walther League Messenger)

THE LIVING WORD AND THE | WRITTEN WORD ARE ONE \ “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. * * * * And the Word was i made flesh, and dwelt among us, (and we beheld his glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father), full of grace and truth” ; (John 1:1, 14). You cannot trifle with the Word of God without trifling with God the Son. You cannot deny the Writ- V ten Word, without denying the Living Word,—the A Son. This is a foundation and fundamental truth. The Living Word set His seal to the Written Word, [/ as recorded in Luke 24:27 and 44: “And beginning at Moses and all the prophets, he expounded unto them in all the Scriptures the things con- ] cerning himself. * * * And he said unto them, These are I the words which I spake unto you, while I was yet w ith you, I that all things must' be fulfilled, which were written in the law of Moses, and in the prophets, and in the psalms, con- 1 cerning me.” “ The Law of Moses,” , “ the Prophets” and “ the Psalms” embody the whole of the Old Testament writ­ ings. The Bible is inspired and sealed by this testi­ mony of our Lord Jesus Christ. If you can break these statements of His you can undermine the faith upon which the church has been founded. Who are you who dare to question the words of the Lord from Heaven on His way back to Heaven? The Modernist modifies and changes the Word of God to fit his own theories. The evolutionist, without a | single iota of definite proof for.his theory, makes light of the Word of God and speaks in pitying terms of the “ ignorance of the well-meaning men of God who wrote the Old Testament.” The infidel stands between the two with his Satanic “ shooter” and is brother to both. The Word stands as immovable against the assaults of its enemies as the Eock of Gibraltar against the puny shots from a toy gun. But, alas, alas, many poor deluded souls are led away into the darkness of des­ pair, and many of them will live and die without hope and spend eternity in the outer darkness where there is weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth. Listen to John, the Beloved:

“Who Is a liar but he that denieth that Jesus is the Christ? He is antichrist, that denieth the Father and the Son. Whosoever denieth the Son, the same hath not the Father.” (1 John 2:22, 2 3 ). What, then, is the duty of every true believer? Expose these deceivers ! Let the light of the glory of God shine upon them through the unimpeachable Word of God, which is the Word of light and life. What we need is men and women who are regen­ erated by the Word of God and in whom the Holy Spirit dwells, who will give themselves to the present- day task of giving out the Word of Life and the fruit­ age will he the proof of its life-giving power. THE BEST BUSINESS What is the best business in all the world? Why, business for the King of kings, of course. Some people have criticized us for using the word “ King,” but it is Scriptural and logical. Our Lord is the Supreme Sovereign. He is the Ruler. He holds the sceptre. He commands our love and our allegiance. So the best business is His business, and that is the business which we are seeking to promote in this magazine. We are doing our best to make The King’s Business a Christian _Home Magazine, with something helpful and interesting to every member of the family, old and young, and if you could read the letters that come to us from fathers and mothers, young men and women and the little folks, too, you would be more convinced than ever that we were succeeding. Take this copy of the magazine and run your eyes over the contents, noting every department from the Contributed Articles to The Children’s Garden, and then think of the real results that might eventuate if it could be in every Christian home in the land. Some would he brought to confess Jesus Christ as Saviour and Lord, as has already been done. Many would be strengthened in their loyalty to our Lord. Others would be inspired to go forth as heralds of the cross in obedience to the call of Christ, “ Follow Me—go— give.” We are asking you, as a member of The King’s Busi­ ness Family, to help us in our effort to help others. Be

November 1925

T H E K I N G ' S B U S I N E S S


was honored; His Word expounded; the exaltation of the Yirgin-born Christ and the expectation of His speedy return endeared the teaching to the multitudes who attended. But now the picture is changed. A little at a time the standard has been lowered. The seed of doubt and denial has been sown. The Holy Spirit, once recognized and exalted and whose presence filled the place, is no longer looked for to sway the hearts and lives of the hearers. Another Gospel is being preached, and now the climax has been reached for Fosdick is on the platform! Fosdick—who, puffed with pride over his disgrace­ ful play in the Presbyterian ranks and happy oyer the dissension and sorrow he has wrought in the evan­ gelical churches; Fosdick—(the “ false-dickerer” ) who gladly took Presbyterian money from a Presbyterian church, knowing that the church was violating its prin­ ciples in retaining him; Fosdick—who has now broken the bands and bonds which united him to the Baptist church and, sitting in the Rockefeller saddle, proposes to institute a new (Fosdick) fangled denomination in which there will be no Virgin Birth and no Infallible Bible, but a book which he himself will select from the Bible which will describe’the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ as a fable like unto those described in mythol­ ogy of the origin of Greek and Roman deities, which cannot be accepted as fact. This is the crux of the whole matter. The founda­ tion of Fosdick’s Bible is Christless, for all other doc­ trines of the Bible rest upon the Virgin Birth, of Jesus Christ. Even the, standard of the Standard Oil Com­ pany would be lowered if its business rested upon such baseless suppositions as those of the Fosdick phil­ osophy. Alas, Northfield is far afield. The Moody name has been muddled through Fosdick. Our hearts ache for those whose funds have been, used to lower Northfield to the Fosdick level. What is the lesson for those who contemplate this downfall? What of the future of our churches and institutions ? Will our Lord find us faith­ ful to Him in this crucial hour?

a missionary. Take your King’s Business and the S. S. Quarterly to some friend or neighbor and show them what $1.25 will obtain for them, making it quite clear to them that the one subscription price of $1.25 includes both the magazine and the S. S. Quarterly when both are specifically requested. And then, too, you could not possibly make a more appropriate or appreciated Christmas gift to your friends than a year’s subscription to The King’s Busi­ ness. So make up your Christmas gift subscription list at once and send it in. The subscription will be entered for the full twelve months of 1926, and in addition we will include next month’s beautiful Christmas number, making a total of 13 monthly issues, together with an attractive Christmas greeting card, bearing the sender’s name, telling them that they will be receiving a love gift from you every month in 1926. Remember,^-that you might spend $1.25 for a box of candy,—it will be gone in an hour; for a very inex­ pensive piece of jewelry—it will soon be lost or stolen; for a few whiffs of perfum ^ -it will soon evaporate! But the same amount of money spent for The King’s Business—the Bible Family Magazine— will bring comfort and help and blessing now and for eternity. NEWS FROM NORTHFIELD and the MOODY MUDDLE Here it is at last. For a number of years conditions at the Northfield Conference have given sorrow to many loyai friends, for among the speakers' have been many whose loyalty to the inspired Word of God has been questioned. Originally Northfield was the center of evangelical conferences and honored by the presence of such teach­ ers and preachers as Moody, Pierson, Gordon, Erdman, Parsons, Marquis, Moorehead, West, Bishop Nichol­ son, Henson, Blackstone, Munhall, Bishop Baldwin, Torrey, Dixon, and many others of the outstanding evangelical expositors of this and other lands. Everywhere the praises of Northfield were sung. God


For a number of years the editor has been desirous of putting into practical shape a booklet for daily meditation and prayer, using the names and titles, of our loving Lord. Three hundred and sixty-five names and , titles of the Wonderful One have. been selected and will be ready for the Christmas time. Under each name-will be a few words directing the thought to and fixing the heart upon Him, followed by a word of prayer. In these busy, days every one can have, in this book a vision of Christ whose person­ ality is visualized in such a marvelous manner in the Scriptures, and can take up the duties and privileges of the day in sweet fellowship with Him.

November 1925

T H E K I N G ’ S B U S I N E S S

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The Wa y to t he T ru th By David R. Breed, D.D., LL.D., Professor of Homiletics, Western Theological Seminary, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, in “The Biblical Review” For many years Dr. Breed has been a faithful student and teacher of the Bible, as well as a practical, level-headed man of God, as this message evidences. We commend it to our readers for their careful and prayerful reading and meditation

term “truth,” as used in this article, is limited its meaning to that truth which is associated ih personal salvation. No other truth is in nd, such as historical, scientific or philosoph­ ical, and.what is here said is not intended to apply to such truth in any sense. The truth which accompanies salvation is, however, broad and inclusive and is contemplated in its entire scope. It is not confined to the answer to the great question of the soul, “What must I do to be saved?” but is extended to all that is associated with it— the assurance of God’s love, peace of conscience, perseverance in good deeds, consola­ tion in sorrow, courage under trial, purity, sobriety, and all virtues, together with those agencies and efforts by means of which these things are brought to others. What Is Truth? The truth in this broad sense engages the attention of thinking people today as it .has seldom done in religious history. ■ To many it is a very distracting and bewildering subject. Not to speak of the tremendous divergence between that which is held to be the truth by Christians and non-Christians, such as Jews, Mohammedans, and Bud­ dhists, there are very great—rand even fatal— differences between various classes, all of whom “profess and call them­ selves Christians.” In many cases their theories are mut­ ually destructive. . It is not merely that there are different ways of stating the same or cognate, truths, but there are positively antagonistic doctrines, which cannot be har­ monized. If those of the one class are true,- those of the other class are false. This occasions unusual confusion, perplexity, and dis­ tress. When in the very camp of the professed followers of Christ— nay, when in those segregated companies com­ monly called “denominations,” which owe their origin to very careful definition of the truth or truths accompanying salvation—-there have arisen such doctrinal disagreements, no wonder that many despair of the attempt to define' salva­ tion or to find the certain way to it, sorrowfully saying with Pilate of old, “What is truth?” Is there no way out of this perplexity? Must we leave the most important of all questions unanswered? By no means. We may learn the way to the truth and find it. We may be positively sure of its possession and enjoy a bountiful measure of satisfaction, in consequence. And all this not by a kind of ex parte evidence that convinces only ourselves while it does not commend itself to others, but by demon­ stration so clear, so positive, and so impartial that it appeals to all who will consider it. Henceforth there will be for

them unspeakable confidence and peace and the assurance of eternal salvation. By What Method? But this must be understood and conceded at the start by those who would find the way to the truth, that the way will not be found by any course of mere reasoning what­ soever. It is not discovered by learning, however great, nor by scholarship, however extensive, and exact. It never has been so’; it never will be so. The history of worldly wisdom from the beginning exhibits pitiable failures. The Apostle Paul (2 Tim. 3:7) speaks of some “ever learning and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth.” It. is a most pathetic statement. It implies that there are many earnest seekers after truth, who make it, indeed, the very business of their lives, who in the course of their search add much to their store of knowledge and even benefit mankind thereby, but whose discoveries mean­ while are only incidental because they fail to find the supreme object of their search. There are many such today, seekers after truth, enriching the whole intelligent world with much that is fresh and useful, but doomed to failure in this one thing-Sthe discovery of the truth. This is not to belittle learning and scholarship. No, indeed, not even in the attempt to find that which they can­ not' find. They do much to assist those who are seeking the truth in the right way. The old alchemists learned much in their fruitless quest, and modern chemistry is indebted to them. The old astrologers likewise made valuable con­ tributions to modern astronomy. And it is so with many students of today. They do not themselves “come to the knowledge of the truth,” but they are “learning” never­ theless, and so aiding those who do come. As we pass over some splendid highway in a swift automobile we see. those who are busy in constructing or repairing it. We are greatly indebted to them. They make our way smooth and straight and safe, though they themselves never reach the destina­ tion to which it leads. Even so our modern scholars pro­ mote the needs and ends of travelers on the King’s high­ way, though they cannot by scholarship alone conduct them to its terminus. How May the Truth Be Known? How then is the truth to be found? It is not “found” at all, in the sense in which this word is usually employed. The truth is revealed. It must be so, since it is never dis­ covered by the learning of the wisest men. But having been revealed, as it is claimed, how may it be certainly known to be the truth? (Continued on page 521)

November 1925


T H E K I N G ’ S B U S I N E S S

The F irs t Bible Conference As reported by Richard Wells, Bushkill, Pennsylvania, in “The Episcopal Recorder,” forty-one years ago.

“The Scriptures were the in-breathing of the thoughts of God by human lips, through human agents, any single syllable being as thoroughly inspired as the sentence, ‘God was manifested in the flesh.’ ” The teachers'of the Conference are men who preach the sovereignty of God, our fall in Adam and utterly lost estate, salvation only in the blood of Jesus through faith, and are not afraid to tell out to the unbeliever, no matter how amiahle and cultured he may be, that he is going down to hell; They do not preach, like most of the preachers, that “There is a good time coming,” but appear to take the Holy Spirit at His Word when He writes that there is first an evil time coming (2 Tim. 3 :1 ). Being earnest Bible students, they all hold the doctrine of the Second Coming of our Lord, which “blessed hope” continually breaks out in their - prayers and songs and praise. Their prayers are remarkable for shortness and sweetness; we have not once heard them ask God'to send His Holy Spirit (jown into their hearts, for they know so well that they are sealed with Him until the day of Redemption, and they really believe that the Lord Jesus will keep His promise made in John 14; 16; but we do hear them daily cry that He may be manifested in greater power. Nor do they close their prayers with the stereotyped form, “and at last save us all in heaven for Jesus’ sake,” for they know on the authority of God’s Word that they are now as completely saved, if believers, as they ever will be in Heaven. Nor do. they seem to believe so much in the “per­ severance of the saints,” as they do in the perseverance of the Lord, who has said of the believer that “no man is able to pluck him out of His Father’s hand.” Nor do they appear to place much reliance upon the thoughts or opin- iops of men, the question always being, “What does God say about it?” For instance, Rev. Dr. Brookes will sometimes startle us with, “this is what that poor, miserable, wretched being —man— says, but that God says so and so.” To those of your readers who are acquainted With the writings of the Rev. Dr. Brookes, and have been instructed and blessed by his “Way Made Plain,” his “Maranatha,” .and “The Truth,” we would like to say just here that we think they could pick him out from a score of men, as we did ourselves. Coming upon the croquet ground, soon after we arrived, we pointed to one of a group of gentlemen and said, “There stands Dr. Brookes!” The way he struck the ball reminded us of the hits he knows how to give so well, say to Whitby or Dr. David Brown; and when he would drive his adversary’s ball flying across the ground, you could not help but recognize the hand that sends t h e 'shot so hot into the legalizing Professors and D. D.’s of the present day. It was Dr. Brookes who gave the first Bible reading of the Conference on “Jesus Only,” thus striking the keynote for the week, but especially did we enjoy his sermon on Sun­ day from 1 Peter 5:10, showing how the Lord gives grace now to the believer for every need, and promises him only glory for the future. If space permitted we would like to give you some of the points brought out in each of the sub­ jects taken up for Bible study, but as there were four a day throughout the week, we will only mention a few we thought the best, which, however, is rather difficult to do, for all were so good, so full and rich with Gospel truth, we (Continued on page 520)

Bible Conferences have been held in our coun- this summer, and many of the children of have had their faith stimulated and strength- 1 thereby. We thank God for every gathering of this kind in which the Written and Living Word of God have been exalted and honored. We are sure that every lover of the truth will be greatly interested in this little story of the first Bible Conference ever held in this country, which has been sent to us by Mr. Richard Wells,—a beloved member of The King’s Business Family. Mr. Wells attended this conference (later known as “The Niagara Bible Conference” ), and sent this report of the proceedings to The Episcopal Recorder of Phila­ delphia. Personally, the editor is very glad to have it, for he him­ self met some of the speakers mentioned and learned to love them. This first conference and some of those which fol­ lowed in that hallowed place; greatly influenced his life and aided him in his decision to yield himself for service for Jesus Christ. Niagara, Ontario, August 1, 1884. We promised you in our last letter to write again and give you the names of those most prominent at the “Believers’ Meeting for Bible Study” and to also furnish you with addi­ tional particulars concerning it. Ministers connected with all the principal denominations of “the States” are here, while we also notice quite a num­ ber of clergymen, daily coming and going from Toronto, and the other numerous towns of Canada in this vicinity. There are present of the Presbyterian Church, Rev. James H. Brookes, of St. Louis; of the Baptist Church, Rev. E. Harris, of Toronto; of the Methodist Episcopal Church, Rev. L. W. Munhall, of Indianapolis; of the Dutch Reformed Church, Rev. W. W. Clark, of Staten Island; of the Church of England, Rev. T. C. Desbarres, of Toronto; and of the R. E. Church, Rev.,G. Albert Redles of Scranton; also Judge Ardagh of Barrie, Canada. Ministers Of the P. E. Church are conspicuous by their absence. In addition to the above, there are present Prof. W. G. Moorehead of the U. P. Seminary, Xenia, O.; and Prof. J. T. Cooper, of the U. P. Seminary, Allegheny, Penna. The fol­ lowing evangelists are also here; Major Whittle, Geo. C. Needham and his three brothers;. Harry Sayles, H. T. Wil­ liams, St. Louis; H. W. Brown, Chicago, and R. G. Pearson, Nashville; while the singing is conducted by Mr. and Mrs. McGranahan. To the lover of the truth as it is in Jesus it is certainly a most gratifying sight, in this day of ritualism, broad- churchism, skepticism and infidelity, to see men coming from points as far South as Texas, and as far West as Minnesota, simply to sit for a season at the feet of Jesus, and be taught of Him. As all here are of one mind upon the essential doctrines of the Bible, no time is wasted in discussion, but every minute of each session is taken up to see what God says upon the subject before them. There is one subject about which all are most positive, and that is, the verbal and plenary inspiration of the Scrip­ tures. The Rev. H. M. Parsons, of Toronto, brought this out in one of his Bible messages, when he said, “The Bible is inspired, absolutely and eternally, from the first letter of Genesis to the- last letter of Revelation,” and further added,

November 1925

THE ; : - K I N G ’ S B U S I N E S S


The Language of a Layman

Regarding Reason and Religion

E. H. Gartrell, General Manager of the Ashland/Fire Brick Company, Ashland, Ky iiì è' i It is a hopeful sign to the lovers of our Lord and of our land that all oyer America there is a rising tide of interest in civic conditions as related to the moral life of our young people. Mr. Gartrell, who is .a valued member of The King’s Business Family, hit the nail squarely on the head in this address which was delivered before the Rotary Club of Ashland, Kentucky, and reported in full in the Daily Independent of that city, from which publication we quote.

And yet scientists,V-^many of them— are ready to sub­ stitute an unproven hypothesis for the Bible account of crea­ tion. However, not all. I could name a list of topnotch scientists, who proclaim that where science— so-called— de­ parts from divine revelation, they accept divine revelatiori. The Shifting Sands of Science A publicist, with a wide range of profound study, like­ wise a man of affairs in the business world, in a personal letter to the editor of the Manufacturers Record, writes: “ * * * X save until the last the thing that appeals to me most, and that is your decision to say something in reference to this Dayton matter. This whole world is get­ ting as materialistic as was ancient Rome. Some people still cling,to ambitions other than money-making, but there aren’t so many of them as there should be. These scientists are inclined to be a rather bigoted people themselves. When I was in school one was apt to be disciplined if he questioned the accuracy of any of the theories set forth in the textbooks. Now one is ridiculed if he does not know that most of those same theories are obsolete. Take the law of gravitation itself, which was supposed to be beyond all possibility of attack. Yet we have seen it assaulted right and left and declared out of date by Dr. Einstein and his followers. “At one time I read a great deal of this evolutionary doc­ trine, and the more I read of it the more amazed I became that anybody could accept its dicta as science. What these evolutionists give us is nothing but a universal accident. “There is an impenetrable veil beyond which we cannot go in any direction. Our poor little finite minds cannot stretch into infinity either to the east or to the west. That is a very patent fact for any mathematician, and we cannot know anything about first causes or final destinations except through revelation. “I am glad, therefore, that this issue has been joined and that you had the audacity to take it up in a business journal. ‘What shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?’ When we reach the point where that is not a logical question for every man to ask himself and the sole test of a successful life is the ability to acquire riches, then we may as well just quit.” Sacrificial Savings Started Schools Now don’t get the impression that Fundamentalists are opposed to higher education. Who but the Fundamental­ ists poured their money, much of it sacrificial savings, into the treasuries, of the schools and colleges and made possible the great universities of today? Investigate the early his­ tory of Yale and Harvard and Princeton, or almost any of the institutions of learning;'!and see if some good old Methodist, or Episcopalian, or Presbyterian, or Baptist, who believed the Bible and practiced its precepts, was not the founder or one of the prime movers in the establishment thereof. , , (Continued on page,517^

’’Ill lares the land to hasten in g ills a prey W hen w ealth accum ulates and m en decay.”

PERSISTENT propaganda is being waged in this land to resist all authority, to let every one do as they please — regardless of who or what is thereby damaged, and this propaganda is being fostered by men and women of the “pink” variety who would be horrified if they realized that their schemes were hastening to a conclusion the schemes of such men as Wm. Z. Foster and other “Reds” of thè Communist party in the United States.. There was held this year a summer “School of Hate” at Waino, Wisconsin, at which half a hundred young pupils were instructed for Communist leadership and future teachers in public .and private schools! The outstanding purpose of this school, as set forth by the conductors, and reported in the Minneapolis Journal, is “the substitution of the Communist system of government, such as prevails today in Soviet Russia, for the present capitalist system of society in America.” Yet many of the “best” people in the. United S tates!JS that is, those highest in education and in social circles— will blindly and blandly continue to assert “Nonsense. There is no Communist'agitation in this country.” ,; And great financiers and business men will continue to permit millions of their dollars; which they imagine are being used for philanthropic purposes, to be delivered largely to the support of the “Red” movement, and the maintenance of just such propaganda as this “School of Hate” in Wisconsin. Poisoning the Springs of Learning Intolerably bad as it is to have in this country a school such as this, designed for the express purpose of training young people to go out and proclaim Bolshevistic doctrines, — it is a question whether even such an institution can. do as much harm as is being done by many Bolshevistic pro­ fessors in colleges and universities, who are filling the minds and hearts of their students with the accursed doctrines which have brought wreck and ruin to Russia, and which will ruin every country in which they can secure a dominating hold. Our schools and colleges are filled with communistic arid socialistic doctrines. Materialistic philosophy which caused the downfall of Germany has taken the place of religion. The Bible—Our Bulwark We owe our National greatness to the Bible, the Book that towers, over the wrecks of time. In what country, other than a Christian country, has education so flourished; where have colleges, universities and other institutions of learning so prospered? Where have so many hospitals for the alleviation of suffering been built. Where has science, -—which is but orderly marshalling of facts,— been so patronized?

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