Risk Services Of Arkansas July 2019

The Human Element of Risk and Safety

Over the next few months, we’re going beyond Risk Services/ Insurica here in Little Rock and taking a tour of the Insurica network. There are many people who help ensure our clients’ risk management success. One of these people is Stan Gregory of San Antonio, Texas. Like John Schlarb last month, Stan is a safety and risk consultant. For the last four years, Stan has served the Texas area, but even prior

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to joining the Insurica network, Stan has enjoyed a long career in safety and risk control. Stan graduated from Oklahoma State University in 1983 with a degree in fire prevention and safety technology and started a career in insurance thanks to advice from a professor. “When I was in college, my mentor happened to have previously worked in the insurance business,” Stan says. “He recommended I look into insurance. As he put it, ‘This business will get you outside looking at construction sites and inside at manufacturing plants or hospitals. You name it, wherever you want to work, you’ll be able to make it fit. Plus, in this business, you’ll have a leg up on everyone because you’ll know more about fire protection than 99 out of 100 people.’” His mentor’s advice turned out to be spot on. Stan has consulted for oil and gas companies, homeowners associations, and even nonprofit groups like Meals on Wheels. Every business has its unique safety challenges. Stan provides his clients feedback through analysis and identifies areas they can improve on. Though he often looks at risk from a property standpoint, Stan prefers the human element of his work. “My skill set is more on the people side,” says Stan. “I prefer working with people — dealing with human behaviors and ensuring that safety solutions are being carried about across a company to reduce injuries, accidents, and catastrophic events.” Outside of the office, Stan’s main priority is his family. He has four sons and three grandsons. Recently, one of his sons got married and another just retired from the military. During the summer, Stan enjoys planning trips his family can enjoy together, like camping in the Colorado mountains or, more likely, golfing in San Diego. Next to his family, golf is the greatest love of Stan’s life. Stan is an incredible resource to the Insurica network and not just because of his degree in fire protection. With decades worth of expertise and a talent for working with people, Stan Gregory is dedicated to improving the safety and insurance experience for every client.

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