Herrman & Herrman - December 2019

Coming to a Store Near You Holistic Health Products for All

Holistic wellness is sometimes seen as an inaccessible form of care. Holistic

brands like Burt’s Bees and Tom’s of Maine in many of these stores. Safer baby products, like cough syrup made with all-natural ingredients and diapers

treatments and products can be hard to find, but access to them should never be restricted based on location, demographics, or affluence. Thankfully, this problem is becoming less relevant as more stores begin stocking holistic products.

from brands like The Honest Company, are being placed in the eyesight of more people everywhere. With this shift in availability, customers have more options than ever before when shopping for holistic care.

Holistic health products, which were often reserved for expensive online shopping or limited boutique releases in the past, are becoming more accessible as drugstores and big-box stores around the country jump on the holistic health train.

These stores have an incredible opportunity to bring alternative wellness to areas that haven’t experienced it. Citizens in small, rural, or distressed communities where specialty stores and holistic medical practices are scarce

Chains like Walgreens, CVS, Walmart, and Target have started stocking their shelves with notable holistic staples, especially those related to digestive and immune health. You can even find cleaner beauty and cosmetic products from

can now explore more options. And if more options at reasonable prices result in healthier and happier people, then that’s great for us all.

“Mr. Johnson’s team was so helpful in getting my medical bills reduced, so I could get more money in my pocket. His

team is exceptional! Demi was always in direct contact with me regarding my case. I highly recommend Herrman & Herrman and would use them again!” –Kristina Johns “Team Johnson has helped me


Don’t just take our word for it

through a lot and been there for me, and I’m really happy with everything they’ve done!” -Greg Rossignol




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