Welleneffekte Sommer 2020

OU R H I S T O R I C A L MOM E N T As the first few days of this crisis hit and people began quarantining in their

Months into this crisis (at least in Europe!), I believe that we have collectively begun to sense that this crisis is different. In none of the previous crises have people across the globe been subjected to changing the way they spend time with family, teach their children, communicate with each other, work together, and travel (or better said don't travel). These imposed behavioral changes are being shared by BILLIONS of people across the globe. I believe we have to go back to World War II to find a relatively recent comparable episode in human history which impacted so many people in similar ways at the same time.

homes in an effort to "flatten the curve", I immediately felt that this was one of those events that changes the course of human history. I wrote to some of my professional colleagues in those momentous first days that I believed that future historians would write about a pre- and post-corona world. One colleague responded to me by saying that we had gone through several crises in our lifetime - 9/11 and the financial crash of 2008/2009 - and not much changed in the way society functions. Why should this time be different?

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