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Is it me or has 2018 been one of the fastest years ever? I look up and see my daughter somature and grown up. My son, he is a boy through and through. They are both growing up so quickly. When I was younger, I felt as if I was able to handle time even with a lot onmy plate. However, this year has been unlike any other. Fast, fast, fast. I knowwe are getting busier and busier just trying to keep up with what we are able to do with our families. With 2018 having come and gone, we are heading into 2019. So hard to believe. I see the signs of the years but still have such a hard time believing how fast life has gone by this year. We again come to the part of the year where we spend time reflecting and enjoying some time with our families and friends during the holidays. Because of the holidays, December is a pretty short month for productivity. Frommy family to yours, please have a safe and happy holiday season. We will see you next year!

While some parents worry about negative stories that may accompany their ancestry, many experts and historians encourage teaching children about their heritage and genealogy at a young age. Learning about their heritage and family traditions develops an important part of a child’s identity, so take the opportunity to teach your children about your family history and where those traditions come from. Gather the family together and follow these tips to teach the young’uns about the golden days.

Get Crafty

Getting crafty is a popular way to teach your kids about their heritage. This gives children an outlet for their creative energy while educating them about the intricacies of genealogy and research. Kids can create a family tree or timeline with cardboard and construction paper. Have them start small with their own names and names of their siblings, parents, and grandparents. Then extend the tree to cousins, aunts, uncles, and great-relatives. Once they finish, have your kid present their family tree to a neighbor or their grandparent so they can teach others what they learned.

Stay safe.

Take a Staycation

-Ty Wilson

In today’s digital landscape, searching for ancestors and relatives is often as easy as a Google search. Visit the home country of your ancestors via Google Earth and learn more about the culture and heritage of your family’s ancestors. After taking a virtual tour of the city or town, search for recipes, games, or outfits that your family can create together. Have each kid select which one they’re interested in, and do them together!

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