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How important an issue is vendor interoperability in terms of connecting with other systems? It is important with vendor interoperability in terms of network vendors. We have seen

What issues are NetAdmin looking at for future product development? Currently we are working a lot with cloud technology, wholesale interoperability and different

understand the effort needed in developing something on their own. Compared to best-of-breed, in all areas it can be hard for COTS products to be the optimal solution, especially in the BSS space where there will be a level of compromise needed. If you are part of a bigger organisation, it can be hard to introduce a COTS solution into an existing IT system landscape. You could either partly isolate the fibre business, or you could slice the COTS product and just use parts of it.





that you start with a vendor and then switch to another after some year(s) and you must be able to handle that. In terms of connecting to other systems, that is always important. Robust APIs and other integration technology are needed, for example, with events generated to a message bus it is crucial to link the OSS to a GIS system, OSS to EMS, OSS to BSS or invoicing etc. We can also see that the TeleManagement Forum Open API can be a reference point for many of the larger telcos. It’s a good starting point when trying to integrate between OSS and BSS for example or between a telco, acting as a service provider, and a wholesale network operator.

security related standards. Since fibre is becoming a crucial infrastructure, we see more focus on reliability, availability, redundancy, security, and robustness from all parties involved, including the network operator, the customers, and the authorities. We are currently looking into some of the APIs in TeleManagement Forum Open API, and we are working with our implementation of an integration to the TOTSCo OTS hub for switching.

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What are the advantages/ disadvantages of COTS solutions for fibre networks? One of the main advantages of COTS solutions is they provide a fast time to market. They also



We are seeing data throughput speeds increasing almost monthly with developments in,


reduce risk and the need for customisation and integration, as well as benefiting from knowledge and best practices. However, compared to developing something on your own, as a bespoke solution, the initial investment can be a hurdle to overcome if you are in a startup phase. However, subscription- based offerings are becoming more common, as network operators begin to

for example, optical engines network architectures. Does this impact on management systems?

No, not really. It only changes the capacity of the links, and the traffic grows in the graphs but not


Johan Hjalmarsson, Product Marketing Manager, NetAdmin.

more than that.


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