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January, 2020




80% of people who make a New Year’s resolution to eat healthy or stay in shape will give up on their goal by the middle of February? Ever wonder why? How can we avoid that? Super common for people to make resolutions and commitments – setting lofty goals

your resolution. Loosing weight by healthy eating and activity instead of a fad diet. So, how can physical therapy help? Many people start with some sort of impairment – for example, perhaps after a surgical correction, their goal is to be able to run again by the middle of the year. Setting a physical goal

and expectations are great, but if they are not broken down into small habits, it can be easy to get discouraged and give up. Goals are important, but changing your habits is really the best way to achieve them. James Clear has a great quote in his book Atomic Habits that explains why it is so difficult to lose weight. Essentially, the craving centers in our brain are bigger and more powerful than the liking centers. As he puts it, “We need to make our habits attractive because it is the expectation of a rewarding experience that motivates us to act in the first place.” That’s why deprivation doesn’t work – we need positive rewards. Don’t set a goal of loosing 10#, but rather start a habit if taking a 20-minutewalk before dinner. Link that to a happy thought and over time you will drop weight and bemore active. Link that to eating a healthy dinner and wham it’s happening! Make small changes, creating habits based on those changes, and you will reach your goals. A mantra of very precise steps will help you lead yourself to the outcome you want! By incorporating small, integrated steps into your daily life, you will be able to better achieve

with an impairment, toput it bluntly, isDIFFICULT. Many times, working toward this goal will lead to pain, and therefore an excuse to give up and quit. Fyzical Therapy can lead you to success by breaking down the recovery to positive steps. It’s the small changes that lead to larger strides. Linkingpositive habits will get us toour finish line. What’s your resolution? For me, New Year’s Eve has always been a family event – we stay in, avoid the rowdiness of the crowds, and watch a movie. But I do always make a resolution. This year, I’m going to read more – I started with Atomic Habits. I was a voracious reader but replaced that time with Netflix. Bad choice right? I plan to schedule time, 8 PM in my den – so it will become a habit again. After an hour my reward will be Netflix. By taking small, detailed steps to add reading into my daily life, then my reward, I know I’ll be able to achieve it. Take small steps, create a habit and you can achieve your resolutions too! - Luis, Fyzical El Paso


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