Hawkesbury council must


become part of the solution

Youarepart of thisproblemandnowyou


The Editor,

must become part of a positive and humane

The town of Hawkesbury is proposing a

solution to end the suffering of the homeless

by-law to fine residents $200 for feeding


wildlife which includes feral/stray cats.

And, of course, this isoneway to improve

Various community organizations in

This isanact of animal cruelty, inhumane

the town’s image. When people from afar

the region will benefit from the latest

andunacceptable. Alion, foxorwolf iswild.

readandhear about the town’s involvement

round of grants approved by the Ontario

Feral cats are not wild. A feral/stray cat is a

in the TSNR program, it can only bring


domestic cat that has become lost or been

positive feedback.

The recipients include:


Association canadienne-française de


people. These cats now have to live on the

l’Ontario de Prescott et Russell : $30,000

streets, scared, hungry and dependent on


some kind people who will feed them.

andeducational aspectsof the“Monument

Fine the

How can a town be so lacking in

de la francophonie” which celebrates

compassion and sensitivity that theywould

francophone culture in Hawkesbury.

condemn these cats to a painful andhorrible


Funding will be used for the development

death by starvation?


As has been shown in somany towns and

are time capsules that will be circulated

who abandon pets

cities across North America, there is a

throughout the schools in Prescott-Russell

humane solution that isguaranteed towork.

to celebrate francophone heritage.

The Editor,

It is the (TSNR) trap, spay, neuter and

Association des auteures et auteurs de

I agree completely with L. Lemay’s letter

release program.

l’Ontario français : $29,000over oneyear to

in last week’s Tribune Express: “Blame the

This program is a management plan in

support the 2nd edition of the Festival du

people - Not the Cats.”



Photo Richard Mahoney

Fining people who feed abandoned

vaccinated and sterilized by a vet. Kittens

to include activities in eight communities

Signs warn trespassers of the dangers

animals? How ridiculous! Telling us what

and tame cats are adopted into good homes.

in the Champlain region, with the main

awaitingon theother sideof fences around

we can or cannot do on our own property?

Healthy adult cats unable to be adopted are

event to be held in Casselman. This will

electrical stations.

This is not 1939 Germany. Our vets have

returned to their familiar habitat under the

bring communities together and promote

paid dearly for our freedoms, let’s not go

care of volunteers.

Francophone culture.

Shock awaits


Thegroup, Friendsof FeralCats, hasbeen

Champlain Minor Sports Association:

The Friends of Feral Cats (F.F.C.) are a


$43,500 over one year to provide energy


2009 and with the help of the local vet had


to feeding and sterilizing innocent,

110 cats spayed or neutered. There is no


field inVankleekHill. Thiswill allowmore

abandoned cats.

longer any help from the vet so the group


These people feed daily, in all weather

needs toraise funds tocontinue theprogram

North Glengarry and South Glengarry

conditions, and at their personal expense.

which is an ongoing challenge.

Townships to play soccer, and will allow


The money for the sterilization comes from

This is a community-generated problem

the community to host more tournaments

having lawnsales andmanydonations from

andeverycommunityhasa responsibility to

and games.


work towards a solution and it is time for


Many other caring citizens feed also.

Mayor René Berthiaume and council to


$8,900 over six months to purchase and

These people should be commended, not

become involved and provide financial and

install two air conditioning/heating units

criticized or fined.


in the Club Colombien Fraternité hall,

If I had a cat that got lost I would be very

Hydro One is urging Ontario residents

to help control the over-population of

ensuring access to community-friendly

happy if some kind personwere to feed it. It

to call Crime Stoppers to report suspected

homeless cats. If so many other towns and

spaces for people to gather in the village of

is illegal to abandon animals. This is the root

copper theft fromits stations and facilities.

cities have become involved in this program


of the problem. These are the people who

The appeal has twogoals—to fight a rise

then why can’t the town of Hawkesbury?

Club de miroise de l’Est ontarien Inc. :

should be fined.

in the incidence of thefts, and to address a


$20,000 over six months to support the

We all must work together to fix this

serious safety concern.


creation of the Conservation Zone at the

problem that other people have created.

”Stealing the copper fittings that ground


2011 International Plowing Match and

If you are not part of the solution, you are

high-voltage equipment is extremely

Town of Hawkesbury, there are a lot of

Rural Expo in Chute-à-Blondeau. Local

part of the problem.

dangerous. Copper thieves risk serious or

animal lovers out there that youwill have to

environmental organizations will be

fatal injury, and put employees, first

answer to, so please make a compassionate


brought together under one tent to


and caring decision.

showcase the area’s natural resources,

D’Arcey, Hydro One Senior Vice President


of Operations.

DERNIÈRE INSCRIPTION 2011-20122 Lundi le 22 août, 2011 de 18 h 30 à 20 h au Complexe Sportif Bob Hartley.

and conduct educational activities.



toenter a transformer stationafter a theft has


occurred and work around high voltage

of Compétitions Inter-villages as a new

equipment that is not properly grounded.”

Dépôt de 100 $ requis, balance à payer pour le 30 septembre 2011. Frais de retard inclus de 50 $.

component to the Festival de la Curd, to be

Copper wire theft continues to increase in

held in St-Albert. The festival will bring

North America, and Hydro One has been

together surrounding communities for

the target of a growing number of thefts in


Frais 375 $ 525 $

Année de naissance

three days of competition in sports,

recent months, from an average of 10 per

recreational, cultural and artistic activities.


2005-2007 2003-2004 2001-2002 1999-2000 1997-1998 1994-1996

month six months ago to 16 per month this

FraternitéAlexandria inc. : $50,000 over



one year to complete renovations which

Hydro One continues to welcome the

Atom 575 $

will ensure greater use of the community

assistance of police and scrap dealers’


575 $

space, and to generate additional revenues

associations in targeting thieves, and to also

from rental income.

Bantam 650 $

welcome the assistance of members of the

Réseau de développement économique


650 $


etd’employabilité: $79,700over threeyears

by calling Crime Stoppers anonymously.

LASR REGISTRATION 2011-20122 Monday August 22 nd , 2011 from 6:30 to 8:00 p.m. at the Bob Hartley Sports Complex Deposit fee of $ 100 required, balance to be paid by September 30 th , 2011. Late fee charge of $50 included Au plaisir de vous voir en grand nombre!

to build the capacity of the not-for-profit


sector in Champlain by expanding the

Ontario residents can call Crime Stoppers at

Funders’ Forum model throughout

1-800-222-TIPS. Hydro One first partnered

Champlain, thus increasing opportunities

with Crime Stoppers in 2007, and this


program continues to be an important link

to network with other organizations, and

in the fight against copper theft. Hydro One

to participate in development workshops.


Township of Champlain: $12,700 over

andmunicipal police forces, aswell as scrap

six months to install an accessible play

dealers’ associations to help police and


Fees $375 $525

Birth Year 2005-2007 2003-2004 2001-2002 1999-2000 1997-1998 1994-1996





Hydro One, which delivers electricity to

to safe, affordable outdoor physical and


homes andbusinesses across theprovinceof

recreational activity.


Atom $575

“Thanks to OTF grants, charitable and

kilometre high-voltage transmission



not-for-profit groups can have a greater

network that delivers electricity to large

impact in their communities. We know

Bantam $650

industrial customersandmunicipalutilities,

that they strive tomeet the changing needs

and a 123,000-kilometre low-voltage



of the population they serve and improve

distribution system that serves about 1.3

the quality of life for all residents,” said

Hope to see you there!

million end-use customers and smaller

Sandra Lalonde, Chair of the Champlain

municipal utilities in the province.

Grant Review Team, OTF.

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