Tories hope

to make Grits

feel the heat


Taxes and hydro.

Those are the two issues that have

Glengarry-Prescott-Russell voters steaming

this summer, says Conservative candidate

Marilissa Gosselin.

The first-time hopeful is confident that

two hot topics will help the Conservatives

regain the riding theLiberalshaveheldsince


Time-of-use premiums on hydro rates

have forced many consumers to alter their

Photo Richard Mahoney

habits, notes Gosselin. “I have heard that

Glengarry-Prescott-Russell Conservative candidate Marilissa Gosselin and Nepean-

some people have installed timers on their

Carleton M.P.P. Lisa MacLeod during a visit to Hawkesbury last week.


rates that are applied during peak-demand

the October 6 election.

This latest move is an insult to Ontario

periods, she says.

During the latest visit, theywerewarning

families who are already paying

If elected October 6, a Conservative

Grant Crack

voters about McGuinty’s “secret plan” to

skyrocketing hydro bills. Under Dalton

government would make smart meters

raise taxes.

McGuinty hydro rates have skyrocketed by

Grits try to


Gosselinfiredoff another salvothisweek.

84% - a whopping 150% if you have one of

Asked why the Tories would not simply

“Earlier this year the Liberals misled

DaltonMcGuinty’s mandatory smart meter

eliminate the smart meters completely,

voters and said itwould cost toomuch toget

tax machines.”

Nepean-Carleton M.P.P. Lisa MacLeod


Annual electricity bills are expected to

extend streak

concedes, “Some people do like them.”

but when the Liberals finally released the

increase by $732 over the next four years as

However, she and Gosselin quickly add


a result of Dalton McGuinty’s HST, smart

that most consumers are not pleased with


meter tax machine implementation, and



the time-of-use restrictions. Businesses and

last week Dalton McGuinty thumbed his

other rate increases, say the Conservatives.

farmersareparticularly frustrated, observes

noseatOntario families andchangedall that

The PCs promise to give families $275 in


when he secretly changed the contracts to

immediate relief on their hydro bills by

Thecampaignfor theheartsandvotesof

PrimeMinisterDaltonMcGuinty isout of

make itmoreexpensive for families tocancel

removing the provincial portion of the HST

Glengarry-Prescott-Russell electors has

touchwith theproblems facedbyOntarians,

the Samsung deal and secretly pushed

from residential hydro, home heating,

begun in earnest now that the Liberals

argues MacLeod.

through 1,800 other projects. Dalton

natural gas and propane bills, and by

have chosen their standard bearer.

When she recently asked how much his

McGuinty is trying to cement his legacy:

removing the “Debt Retirement Charge”


household pays for electricity, the Premier


from residential hydro bills.

Crack will attempt to keep the Grits’ three-

refused to answer.

decade winning streak going after he

“The Premier does not know what his

defeated Gerry Bertrand and Claude Levac

hydro bill is,” says MacLeod.

Water heater rental advisory

to win the Liberal nomination last week in

Busy, hard-working consumers do not


appreciate the energy-saving advice offered

The Editor,

Crack will be campaigning against

by McGuinty.

A number of residents have expressed concerns to me about water heater rental

Conservative Marilissa Gosselin and New

“The Premier has suggested that people

agreements. The Ontario ministry of consumer services is aware of an increase in

Democratic Party candidate Bonnie Jean-

do their laundry on weekends. That is the

complaints andhas issuedaconsumer alert on theirwebsiteprovidingconsumers tips and

Louis in the October 6 election that will

height of arrogance to try to tell people how

advice on how to protect themselves.

decide who will succeed Liberal incumbent

theyshouldlive their lives,”statesMacLeod.


Jean-Marc Lalonde as the region’s

Gosselin andMacLeod have been taking

I’d like to remind consumers that they shouldbewary about signing agreements on the

representative at Queen’s Park for the next

regular tours of the riding in the run-up to

spot and that consumers may cancel an agreement (without reason) signed in their home

four years. For Crack, whohas served a total

at any time from the date of entering into an agreement until 10 days after receiving a

of 11 years as mayor of the township, this is

written copy of the agreement. I urge consumerswho feel that theymayhave beenmisled

the first time he has run a riding-wide

or pressured into signing a water heater rental agreement to contact the Ministry’s

campaign. The sameholds true forGosselin,

Consumer Protection Branch for help at 1-800-889-9768/416-326-8800 or online at

anEmbrunaccountantwho is seekingpublic Ontario’s Consumer Protection Act, 2002 protects

office for the first time. But she is no political



These rules include the obligation to clearly disclose key information including costs and

Besides serving as Ontario PC riding

a statement of consumers’ rights. The public can search the Ministry’s online Consumer

associationpresident inGlengarry-Prescott-

BewareList at The list posts information

Russell, she has helped manage federal


campaigns. She is married to FredDeLorey,

outstanding charges and convictions. The Consumer Beware List is a great tool for

chief spokesperson for the Conservative

checking the track record of a company before you consider doing business with it.

Party of Canada. Bonnie Jean-Louis has just

Do not feel embarrassed about protecting yourself. If you feel threatened in any way,

launched his fourth election campaign. The

ask the seller to leave. If you are at all suspicious that it may be scam, call your local police.

community activist ran twice for a

Before signing any contract – ensure that you have a written confirmation of the total

Hawkesbury councillor’s post, in 2006 and

amount you’ll be billed on a monthly basis. If you would like more information on this

2010, and as a representative of the Green

issue please contact my office at (613) 446-4010.

Party in the 2006 federal elections.



7when thewrit falls.Traditionally, theNDP

has run third in local elections. However, in

Back to school August 29

the last provincial vote, theNewDemocrats

lost ground to the Green Party.

In the 2007 election, Lalonde was re-

Monday, August 29 is the first day of school for about 22,000 students attending

elected with 24,525, or 60 per cent of all

French-language schools in the region. However, about 46,000 of their English-speaking

ballots cast. Conservative candidate Denis

counterparts return to the classrooms a week later.


August 29 signals the start of a new school year for students at the Conseil scolaire de

Green Party candidate Karolyne Pickett,

district catholique de l’Est ontarien’s French-language Catholic schools and at public

2,348, or 5.8 per cent, NDP hopeful Josée

schools administered by the Conseil des écoles publiques de l’est de l’Ontario. The

Blanchette, 2,301, or 5.7 per cent, while

CSDCEO has a network of 38 French-language schools in the five counties, administering

Family Coalition member Vicky Gunn got

30 elementary and eight secondary schools in Prescott-Russell and Stormont-Dundas-

339votes. Liberalshavereignedintheriding

Glengarry. Total enrolment is 11,000 students. TheCEPEO, whichoperates 37 schools, also


has an enrolment of about 11,000 pupils, however, its jurisdiction is much larger than that

Bélanger inwhat was then Prescott-Russell.

of the CSDCEO. September 6 is back to school for about 46,000 English-language students

Jean Poirier succeeded Boudria when he

in the district. The day after Labour Day, classes resume for the 31,000 students enrolled in

was elected Glengarry-Prescott-Russell MP

the 74 elementary and 22 secondary schools administered by the Upper Canada District

in1984.WhenPoirier steppeddown in1995,

School Board. September 6 alsomarks a resumptionof studies for the 15,000 students at the

he was succeeded by Lalonde.

Bonnie Jean-Louis

40 elementary and ten secondary schools run by the Catholic District School Board of

The riding was re-aligned in 1999.

NDP hopeful is a veteran campaigner

Eastern Ontario.

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