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Accessibility grants for dance, curling groups

Foundation grants have been awarded to

both the club and a new washroom

help two organizations become more

completely accessible.



accessible to the handicapped.

The Fiddle and Dance Association

The Curling Club has received a $40,000

received an $11,900 grant to purchase a

About $52,000 in Ontario Trillium

grant to acquire a wheel chair lift, making



handicapped accessible stage.

Save money by saving water

The results of the funding were

celebrated during a ribbon-cutting

ceremony last week at the curling club.


Champl a in Counc i l l or Paul -Emi l e

Save money by saving water.

At promotional events, all participants

Duval, Ontario Trillium Board

That’s themessagebehindthenewWater


representative, and Glengarry-Prescott-

Smart program that is being promoted at

The program will be offered in Prescott-

Russell Liberal candidate Grant Crack,

events across eastern Ontario.

Russell and Stormont, Dundas and

representing M.P.P. Jean-Marc Lalonde,


Glengarry, Leeds andGrenville andparts of

were on hand to congratulate the two

Ontario have been low this summer. The

the City of Ottawa which are located within

organizations for projects that will

lack of precipitation makes it critical to

the South Nation watershed.

bene f i t many organ i za t i ons and

conserve water, conservation authorities

The initiative is being coordinated by the

individuals in Vankleek Hill and


Raisin Region Conservation Authority and

surrounding communities.

Everyone must do his or her part and be


The Vankleek Hill Fiddle and Dance

mindful of water use this summer, said

Resources Committee. The goal is to create

Association was established in 1997 and

Normand Génier, Water Smart Project

awareness of water conservation practices.

incorporated in 2001.

Coordinator with the Raisin Region

The program will provide a variety of

Its mission is to promote participation

ConservationAuthority. “Homeownersare

water efficient devices such as tap aerators,

in fiddle and dance and the allied arts,

urged to reduce their daily consumption

low flow showerheads, kitchen spray

and to increase public appreciation and

whether in the home or in their backyards.

nozzles, toilet dams, and hose nozzles.

interest therein.

Wasteful uses of water such as for cleaning

The installationof just oneof eachof these

“Our handicapped accessible stage is

driveways or watering lawns at midday are

items can reduce the household water

already being used for our Annual Fiddle

strongly discouraged and should always be

consumption by over 150 litres per day.

& Dance Competition, and many other

local groups such as schools, fair board

and other community groups are also

using it with others expressing an interest

New fast-action mental

in using it,” said Harvey LeRoy, Director

with the Fiddle and Dance Association.

“We are all thankful for the Ontario

health crisis program




strengthening our community.”


The Vankleek Hill Curling Club was

planned for Five Counties

established in 1920 and incorporated in

1978 and continues to grow.

The club’smandate is to provide sports,


leisure and recreational opportunities for

people of all ages and abilities in amodern,

accessible location for registered club

InEasternOntario the FiveCounties regionhas the unwanted reputation of having

members and community members, to

the highest rates for addiction, suicide, chronic health problems, and poverty. Help is

promote active living, and enhance

on the way to start wiping away these black marks.

physical and social well-being through

The Champlain Local Health Integration Network (LHIN) is partnering with the

curling, and to be effective and responsive

Hawkesbury and District General Hospital to provide a Quick Response Treatment

to community needs.

Program (QRT) for the United Counties of Prescott-Russell (UCPR) and the United

Since the club has over 50 junior

Counties of Stormont-Dundas-Glengarry (UCSDG). Plans for the QRT were one of the

members, the future looks promising. The

main discussions during the Champlain LHIN’s session held in Rockland as part of the

club is used for many functions such as

network’s rotation schedule for board meetings.

the senior bridge club and receptions.

A report fromDr. Suzanne Filion, clinical supervisor at the hospital’s Royal Comtois

These improvements are important to

Centre, explained that the QRT program targets two groups. First are the people who

seniormembers, and also the community’s

might otherwise end up in hospital emergency rooms, waiting for admission to the

active curling membership.

psychiatric ward.

The second are those who are waiting for openings in local and regional outpatient

mental health and addictions treatment programs. Sometimes these people wait for a


year or more before there is an opening. A recent survey for the Royal Comtois Centre

indicated more than 500 people in Prescott-Russell alone are waiting for outpatient


Filion warned LHIN board members that the QRT is not a final answer or a one-size-

fits-all solution for the situation in the Five Counties. It ismeant as a start to dealingwith

Grenville (Qc) 819-242-3131


the problem given some of the current statistics for the region.


The suicide rate in the Eastern Counties is 30 per cent higher than the rest of the


province. Emergency department mental health cases overall throughout the Five

Counties are expected to increase by eight per cent over the next two decades, with


Hawkesbury General’s own projection even higher at 18 per cent.

The Eastern Counties has a high rate of poverty and the highest percentage of people

whose main source of income is through provincial welfare or some other form of


Prescott-Russell has

dubious distinctions


Statistics onaddictioncases showPrescott-Russellwithhigh rates for alcoholismat 38

per cent, and marijuana and cocaine use at 27 per cent and 17 per cent respectively. The

provincial rates for these three addictions are 44 per cent, 20 per cent, and 14 per cent.

The LHIN has committed $125,000 for the QRT program in partnership with the

hospital, the Royal Comtois Centre, Addiction Services of Eastern Ontario, and Réseau

des services de santé en français. The amount of money dedicated is just to get the

program started. Filion’s report noted that dealing with all the people in the Prescott-

Russell area alonewho are in need right nowof either crisis or outpatient serviceswould

cost more than $1 million.

The programgoals are to identify people at risk for depression or other psychological

or physical conditions or behaviours, addictions, or other problems that could result in


Corner Main & Tupper Hawkesbury, Ontario 1 877 632-8816 YOUR SATISFACTION IS OUR PRIORITY! For additional information or a view of vehicles, see SHIFT_

suicide or acts that would see them end up at a hospital emergency centre. Once

identified, these people would have quick access to psychotherapy or whatever other

services are needed to help them deal with their problem. Quebec Grenville VEN. ET SAM. À 6:30 & 8:30 DIM. ET SEMAINE À 7:00

Right nowtheprogramhas 25 clients,withmore than80 in-personvisits and12phone

consultations. Two clients are now discharged after success in getting the help they

needed. Filion has promised the LHINupdates on progress and success of the program.

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