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My Entrepreneurial Journey

Though I was born and raised in Racine, Wisconsin, just a few miles from where Francetic Tax Resolution now operates, my journey to becoming the entrepreneur I am today took me far from home. It all started with a trip to San Jose, California, after my high school graduation. My plan was to spend the summer working on a golf course with my older brother and then come back to Wisconsin in the fall to attend UW- Parkside and major in accounting, but that’s not what happened. Instead of going back to school, I got sidetracked by California’s lovely weather, laid-back lifestyle, and the great people I worked with. I ended up staying in the Golden State for the next four years doing golf course maintenance. Far from resenting the manual labor, I fell in love with my days on the green. When I left California, I headed off to Michigan State University to study turfgrass management with the goal of becoming a golf course superintendent. During my two-year program, I became good friends with one of my professors, and he invited me to earn a bachelor’s degree in order to join him in his research and travel the world to analyze

turfgrass problems inherent to golf courses. It sounded like an amazing opportunity, so I buckled down and got to work — that is, until a late-night television ad about learning to drive tractor-trailers changed the course of my life once again. I had always loved trucks as a kid; I used to follow the garbage truck around my city block on my tricycle, spent countless hours in my backyard with my Tonka trucks, and when it rained, I had all my small scale trucks on my mother’s dining room table! That ad sparked a long-buried dream. Everyone thought it was crazy, but I dropped everything and started a new career as an over-the-road truck driver. I stayed in the long-haul trucking business for three years, the last two of which I owned my own tractor and trailer. Then, I took a job with a trucking company back home in Wisconsin when I met my then wife so I could be home every night. I had a feeling my local driving job wouldn’t last forever, so I went back to school part-time at UW-Parkside to study accounting. When the writing on the wall came true and my employer’s contract was terminated, I threwmyself full time into my studies and graduated with my accounting degree in 2001. The rest, as they say, is history. My fascination with taxes started in school and only blossomed from there. After I graduated, I worked at my then wife’s State Farm Insurance agency, and I also worked closely with my tax instructor, David Schwartz, from the university in his sole proprietor tax business before officially starting my own business in 2004. I was lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time more than once after that, with having a strong referral network and buying a tax practice to bring in new clients. Though I never actively looked for tax resolution work, it wasn’t long before it found me. In the beginning,

my clients would come in looking for help for their brother or cousin who was having trouble with the IRS or the state Department of Revenue. I loved taking that stress off of their shoulders and found the work so rewarding that I started taking on resolution cases from a Michigan firm on a contract basis in 2014. Unfortunately, I soon realized that company was promising its clients things that weren’t possible; they were basically hanging me out to dry and disappointing the hardworking people they were supposed to help. The experience left such a bad taste in my mouth that I terminated my contract in August of 2018 and rolled the dice to start my own resolution firm. I was determined to treat my clients with integrity and respect, and Francetic Tax Resolution was born from that goal. Today, I love what I do so much that I don’t consider it work. I spend time with my clients one- on-one, and I even travel to their homes or offices for meetings to make their lives easier. I think it’s vital for people to know that their problems will be handled locally and by someone they can get to know well and trust. There’s nothing more satisfying than helping a client out of a difficult position, and I love negotiating with the IRS and the state Department of Revenue on my clients’ behalf. When I can make a huge difference in someone’s financial situation, I’m just as overjoyed as they are. If you’re dealing with a tax problem and could use expert advice, don’t hesitate to give Francetic Tax Resolution a call. I’d love to join your side. Paul Francetic



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