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The Deceptive Size of a Billboard

Distilling Who We Are and What We Do

Billboards may be physically large, but when designing one, you have to construct your message as if it were tiny. Hold out a business card at arm’s length, and that’s about the amount of space you’re working with. The reason for brevity is, of course, that people are going to be driving by these billboards. It’s a different sort of challenge. In this newsletter, for example, I get to be detailed, nuanced, and conversational. On a billboard, I only have time to get your attention and relay one message about our firm. Figuring out how I wanted to do that was tough. Originally, I toyed with the idea of a Burma-Shave-style sequential advertisement. For those unfamiliar, Burma-Shave was a shaving cream company famous for sequential highway signs. A number of consecutive signs would each have one word on them, eventually adding up to a message. Sadly, that idea wasn’t feasible. Instead, we opted for a series of messages using another form of communication that conveys thoughts quickly: text messages. Just by looking at the way a series of texts is presented, you know it’s a text message thread. Those blue speech bubbles are a dead giveaway. Text messages are also a nice metaphor for our approach, because we want to get to know you and have a conversation with you in order to best serve you. Finally, texting has an obvious connection to driving. I probably don’t need to tell you again how needless and foolhardy texting and driving is, but it can’t hurt. I tell this story not because I think I’m some sort of design genius (I’m definitely not) but because I think it shows the critical thinking skills our firm uses in every facet of our work. Whether you’re fighting a car accident case or shooting a TV commercial, you can’t just go through the motions and expect to succeed. You have to work hard at the task at hand, and that’s exactly what we do at Coye Law Firm. -Wade Coye

As I’ve mentioned before, one of the qualities that sets our firm apart is a willingness to think differently. Whether it's creative problem-solving on a case or adopting new technology to improve our client experience, we believe that you have to adapt and respond in order to do your best work. We never rest on our laurels or allow ourselves to become complacent when it comes to serving our clients. The same goes for how we get our name out there. Different forms of advertising ebb and flow in popularity with the times. Decades ago, for instance, most people found their attorney through the yellow pages. As such, taking out an ad in the phone book was a very smart business idea. Then, of course, you had the era of low-budget commercials. You can still see a few of these from time to time on daytime TV, but they’re nowhere near as plentiful as they used to be. Understanding how different types of media function is essential to using them effectively. As philosopher Marshall McLuhan once said, “The medium is the message.” Recently, we’ve been exploring the option of putting up some billboards around Orlando. In fact, as you’re reading this, some may have already gone up. Now, I enjoy putting my own personal stamp on stuff like this, so it’s been a fun learning experience for me. Figuring out how to effectively communicate who we are and what we do as a firm in the space of a billboard is no easy task.


Summer Swimming Safety 3 Tips for Swimming in Open Water There’s nothing like taking a dip in a nearby pond, lake, or even the ocean. For many, it’s a summertime tradition. However, swimming in open bodies of water brings certain safety risks, as these environments are not nearly as controlled as public, club, or backyard pools. Everyone should follow these tips to have a fun and safe time cooling off under the summer sun. Never swim alone. When you swim in virtually any body of water, having someone there to keep an eye on you can be a lifesaver: the more people, the better. Stick to bodies of water with a professional lifeguard on duty when possible, though that’s not always an option. When swimming in open bodies of water, have a “designated spotter” to keep an eye on the swimmers. This way, you’re prepared if anything bad happens. It’s also a great idea to keep flotation devices nearby, such as life jackets, life rings, foam boards, etc.

a body of water, don’t jump or dive in without knowing how deep it is. If you cannot confirm what is under the surface (and the spot is not a known diving location), don’t risk it. It may be okay to swim or wade, but jumping is out of the question. Along these same lines, be VERY careful around bodies of slow-moving or standing water. These can house dangerous microbes and other contaminants that can make you ill and potentially be deadly.

Know what you’re getting into. Sometimes, it’s next to impossible to see what’s under the surface of the water. If you are unfamiliar with Watch for rip currents. These can occur at any beach without warning. They pull swimmers away from shore and are strong enough that even excellent swimmers struggle to get through them. In fact, rip currents are behind nearly 80% of beach rescues. Keep an eye on the foam at the surface of the water. If it seems to suddenly pull away from the beach, there’s a good chance a rip current is lurking beneath. If you find yourself in a rip current, it’s crucial to remain calm and avoid expending energy swimming directly back to shore. Instead, try swimming parallel to the shore until you’re out of the current. Falls, Forklifts, and Failing Bodies The Most Common Workplace Injuries

are all too common, OSHA statistics reveal, accounting for more than half of all warehouse injuries. Other pieces of equipment can create similar hazards, and cars are not excluded from this list. If you drive on the job, it’s essential to take it seriously and practice safe driving techniques. Overexertion and Repetitive Stress Injuries Even if your job involves sitting in one place for eight hours, that doesn’t mean you can’t be hurt. Physical and mental overexertion can take a toll on the body, as can working grueling hours in suboptimal conditions. Repetitive stress injuries can occur when workers perform tasks on a regular basis without proper equipment, training, and supervision. No matter how much you know and how careful you are, injuries will happen. If you’re injured at work, call Coye Law Firm today at 407-901-2712 to find out how we can help.

According to the National Safety Council, an American worker is injured on the job once every seven seconds. That adds up to roughly 4.6 million workplace injuries per year. While we may associate on- the-job injuries with high-risk professions like logging or firefighting, no industry or role is exempt from the possibility of an accident. If you have a job, you can get hurt doing it. As such, it’s helpful to know the most common types of injuries reported to workers’ compensation insurance companies. Understanding where danger might be lurking is an important step in avoiding it. Falling Objects, Falling From Heights, and Other Falls Whether you work in retail or construction, an object falling from heights can put you out of commission in a hurry. If you work in an environment where that is a risk, you should always wear a hardhat. A person can fall just as quickly as an object, and the results can be even more drastic when they do. Anyone working from heights should be properly trained and provided with working safety equipment. Failure to provide fall protection is the No. 1 complaint reported to OSHA, and slips, trips, and falls are the largest category of workplace injury. Equipment and Transportation Working with heavy machinery requires specialized training for employees and regular maintenance for machines. Forklift accidents


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The Guardian Who Would Not Leave His Watch Odin Lives Up to His Legendary Name

The family made it to safety with Tessa in tow, relieved to be together but heartbroken that Odin and the goats weren’t with them. After several agonizing days, it was finally safe enough for them to return home and survey the destruction. What did the Hendels find? Ashes, rubble, their barn and home burned to the ground — and Odin. There he was, still guarding his eight goats and some small deer that had sought shelter with the brave canine. Weakened, burned, and limping, but nevertheless steadfast, Odin had never left his goats, even as the fire raged around them. Odin wagged his tail as he saw his family, happy to see they were also safe. The Sonoma County Wildlife Rescue and the Goatlandia Animal Sanctuary provided temporary shelter for the goats and pups while the Hendels rebuilt their barn. Odin received all the care he needed, along with a lot of love and treats. Today, Odin and his goats are back with their family, rebuilding their lives after this devastating wildfire. But the Hendels, and anyone who’s heard the story, won’t soon forget the bravery of Odin, the amazing pup.

Amid the devastation of the wildfires that tore through California in the fall of 2017, a few heroic tales rose up to give people hope. One such tale was of Odin, a loyal Great Pyrenees guard dog. Along with his sister, Tessa, and eight rescue goats, Odin is part of the Hendel family.

It was mid-October when the Hendels were awoken by the smell of smoke, a fierce orange sky, and sounds of destruction — urgent warnings from Mother Nature. Gathering everyone as quickly as they could, the Hendels got their human family members and Tessa in the car, but Odin, seated proudly next to the eight goats, refused to get in. Try as they might, the Hendels could not get him to come with them, and there wasn’t enough room in the car for the eight goats. With the firestorm quickly approaching and the risk of losing even more family members increasing with each passing minute, the Hendels made the heart-wrenching decision to leave Odin and the goats behind.

Every month, we give a big shoutout to clients who gave us referrals. This month, we’d like to recognize ...

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Kathleen Wood Benjamin Ackerman

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Have a


Inspired by Bon Appétit Magazine

• 16 small potato rolls, toasted • Salt and pepper, to taste • Your favorite burger accompaniments

• 2 lbs. ground chuck beef, 20% lean • 8 slices melting cheese (like American, Swiss, Muenster, or cheddar)

1. Divide beef into 16 evenly sized balls. 2. Rip cheese into roughly equal pieces, creating 16 equal portions. 3. Using your index finger, create a small indentation in each ball. 4. Fill indention with cheese and pinch meat around to seal. Then gently form balls into 3/4-inch-thick patties. Season patties. 5. Meanwhile, heat a cast-iron skillet to medium-high. 6. Lightly coat skillet with oil and cook patties in batches. Brown one side undisturbed, about 3 minutes. Carefully flip and cook until desired doneness, about 3 minutes for medium. 7. Serve on toasted potato rolls with your favorite accompaniments.



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How Do You Talk on a Billboard?

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A Tail of Bravery

4 Tips for Perfect Phone Etiquette

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Practicing Phone Etiquette In honor of National Cellphone Courtesy Month, let’s examine cellphone etiquette and discover a few ways you can be more courteous to others. Keep it quiet.


Practice self-awareness. If you receive a call while in public, be aware of the volume of your phone and voice. Move yourself to a less crowded area to speak freely, especially if you know the conversation might get heated. Politely excuse yourself. If you must take a call, answer a text, or send an email, be sure to excuse yourself to the people around you and check your phone in a more private area. By following these four tips, you’ll be prepared for the next time you’re on a date, in a business meeting, or watching a movie in a sold-out theater.

Whenever you find yourself in a place of worship, talking with others, or enjoying an event, silencing your cellphone is the most courteous thing you can do. If you’re expecting an important call, vibrate works just fine. Stop checking. Don’t continuously glance at your phone during meetings, dinner dates, or any time you’re with others. Keeping your phone in your back pocket, in your purse, at your desk, or in your car will help you focus on what’s in front of you.


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