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32220Franklin Rd, Franklin, MI 48025 (248) 626- 0900 ht tps:// /

School Hours

School Time: 8:07am- 3:40pm BeforeCareProgram: 7:15am- 7:45am Af ter CareProgram: 4:00pm- 6:00pm

Instructional Team

Our Mission

Our teachersarehighly qualif iedand statecert if ied in their subject . Many of our teachershaveMaster's degreesin Educat ion andothersarepursuinggraduate studies. All of our MiddleYearsProgram teachersare IBt rained. Thegoalsof our teachersaretodevelop: - A well- roundedMuslimAmerican Cit izen with st rongacademicskills - An enthusiasmandexcitement for life- long learning. - A social, physical, and intellectual awareness and responsibilit y Our teacherspart icipatein: - Ongoingprofessional development opportunit ies - Data- driven decision making - Student - centeredapproach to learningand teaching - Serving thecommunit y for over 30 years - First IB-World Islamic school in Michigan - Highly qualif ied, experienced, &cert if ied teachers - St rongAthlet ics&Ext ra-Curricular programs - High parental involvement &support Pointsof Pride - Collaborat iveplanning - Individualizedat tent ion.

IslamicCharacter Building HudaSchool st rivestoprovidean environment where Islamicvaluesandet iquet tearepart of thestudent s' pract ical lives. Special at tent ion isgiven tocharacter development with focuson character t rait s, such as respect , responsibilit y, honest y, integrit y, cit izenship, andcaring. Our IslamicEducat ion program isdesigned todevelop aself - sustaining, life- long Islamic ident it y for our student sso that they can part icipateand suceedas MuslimAmerican cit izens. Our primary focusison developingTawheed, Akhlaq, Taqwa, and Iman. Student swill usetheir understandingof theHoly Quran, Sunnah, Seerah, andFiqh tobebet ter and moreconf ident Muslimsin themodern world. - Diagnost icandPrescript iveQuran program - IslamicStudiesclassesalongwith Halaqas - Leveled- ArabicLinguist icsclassesfor beginner, intermediate, andadvanced student s - Daily Dhuhr prayers&Friday Khutbahs - Character EdProgram focusedon Islamic Tarbiyah HudaSchool providesour student swith membership opportunit iesin variousorganizat ionsto foster high morale, posit iveself - esteem, and student unif icat ion. Student sin middleschool arerequired tocomplete communit y servicehours- an important component of our Islamic values. - Student Council andNat ional Junior Honor Societ y - Communit y & serviceprogramstopromote global awareness - Housesystem topromoteteam- building& healthy compet it ion. Student Leadership

Themission of HudaSchool isto inspireacademic excellence, develop caringand responsibleMuslim American Cit izens, and cult ivateintercultural understandingand respect . Our Vision Createacommunit y of learners, leadersandhigh achieverswhowill serveour communit iesfor thelove of Allah (SWT).

RigorousStandards& Expectations

Excellent inst ruct ion beginswith thebelief that all children can learn and that inst ruct ion must accommodatethevaried intelligences, st yles, and needsof thechildren in theclassroom. Weunderstand that curriculum, inst ruct ion, andassessment are inext ricably interwoven and that "one- size"doesnot f it all student s. Our highly developeddif ferent iated educat ion techniquesisprominent in our Language Art s, Mathemat ics, Quran, andArabicclasses. At Huda, west rivetohaverigorous& relevant standardsthat will prepareour student sfor the real-world. HudaSchool hasthedist inct ion of being thef irst IB-Worldschool in Michigan toprovide IslamicEducat ion.

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