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A recently published systematic review of over 100 randomized controlled trials supports exercise interventions as an effective treatment method for patients with an increased risk of falling. (The average age of patients in this review was 76, and 77% of the patients were women.) Results concluded that those who participated in exercise interventions had a 23% decrease in falls as compared to the control group. Fall risk was also reduced at 21-24%, depending on if treatments were done in individual or group settings. The risk of fall-related fractures was decreased by 27% and the number of falls that required medical attention was decreased by 39%. Concluding statements from the authors demonstrated how overall, “Exercise reduces both the rate of falls…and the number of people experiencing falls.” At FYZICAL, your initial evaluation will consist of several parts to better determinewhatyourmostproblematic factorsare.Thesewill includecentral and peripheral nervous system tests, inner ear tests, vision tests, BERTEC Computerized Assessment of the balance systems, and evaluations of your gait, joint range of motion, and overall and specific muscle strength. Based on the results of this evaluation, your physical therapist will design a treatment plan around ‘your’ specific needs. These plans are aimed first and foremost at reducing your risk of falling, and to aid you in improving balance, strength, flexibility, endurance, and overall movement. Some common forms of treatment include: • Pain management: If pain is getting in the way of your balance then it will be one of the first things addressed in your treatment plan. Your physical therapist will want to make sure that your treatments are as comfortable as possible. • Walking and moving programs: Thispartofyour treatmentplan isaimed at getting you back to your normal movement function when walking.

• Balance training: Balance is a large part of fall prevention, as lack of stability is one of the main reasons why falls occur. Your physical therapist will design a balance training plan for you as part of your treatment. • Strength training: Strength training is typically paired with your balance training. Your physical therapist will design a strength training plan for you, which will focus on specific muscle groups in need of improvement. • Endurance training: Endurance training is all about working up to more advanced levels of the same form of treatment. Your physical therapist will provide you with an aerobic exercise program and will slowly add on time to those exercises as your endurance improves. Are you ready to get back on your feet by improving your balance and decreasing your risk of sustaining a fall-related injury? Contact FYZICAL to schedule a consultation and get started today!

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FYZICAL’s Balance Education


Our balance assessment computer is a vital part of us being able to identify your individual needs. There are three body systems through whichyourbalance isorganized. These three are your inner ear, your eyes, and your joints and muscles. Our BERTEC balance assessment computer is able to detect how these three systems work or do not work together. Give us a call to see how the BERTEC could help you. BERTEC

Why we are different not just spelled different! Didyouknow thatourphysicaltherapistsatFYZICALare inauniquepositionto treat your balance and dizziness issues? Our ‘FYZICALISTS” are eager for you to be the best that you can be. All of our therapists are required to meet the highest standards in the industry and have embarked on FYZICAL’s world-class balance and vestibular certification programs. These are in-depth and intense courses with practicumand exams, allowing us to be able to give you the care you deserve. This quality is proven by our clinics having the best outcomes for vestibular and balance conditions based on a 3rd party review comparing us to hundreds of other physical therapy practices.

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