Shullman Orthodontics - October 2017

October 2017

n ’ s Weathering the Storm HURRICANES AND HALLOWEEN

Floridians, we’ve weathered another storm. It was a crazy September as we faced one of the most intense storms we’ve had in the last 10 years aimed right at South Florida. Irma blew through our state and left a lot of destruction in her wake. We know people were displaced and without power. Our hearts go out to everyone affected. I’ve been through many storms in my lifetime, and in Florida, we know what to do when we see the storm coming: We prepare. We know when it’s time to get in our homes, put up the shutters, and fill up the gas tank. But in true Florida fashion, we also know when to move forward. Staring into the eye of the hurricane, we stood strong, hunkered down, and weathered the storm. Now, we are putting it behind us. Even though hurricane season isn’t over, it’s time to move forward and rebuild mentally. Irma may have dampened our streets, but she can’t dampen our spirit. She knocked us off

our feet, but we are certainly back up and coming together to rebuild. For our kids, that means getting back into a routine after days of school being closed. As much as they loved being out of school, it did disrupt all of our lives, and we are looking to get back into our routine for the kids. As for the office, after the power outages, we’re open and available to take your appointments. Everywhere, we are rebuilding and persevering. We will be stronger because we all weathered through it. In the spirit of moving forward, the holidays season is almost here, and it will be a good reason to focus on fun. We get to kick it off with the tradition of Halloween. Trick- or-treating in the neighborhood will have a special meaning this month. As we take our kids to ring neighbors’ doorbells and run around in costumes, we can take our minds off from the wreckage of the storm and recall the treat that life is.

– Dr. Howard Shullman • 561.868.5050 • 1 storm now, let’s prepare for time with our loved ones and a holiday season full of joy, laughter, and happiness. Speaking of treats, Halloween does have one downside: All those sweets mean a lot of broken brackets and displaced wires! With so much sticky, hard candy being given out, it’s a good time to remind your kids to stay away from foods that will harm their braces. I’m available when you need my help, but I’d rather not see your child in here because they ate caramel popcorn and broke a bracket. I’d rather see them when it’s time for their braces to come off and we get to celebrate their straight new smile! As we approach the holiday season, let’s move forward together and rebuild. The holidays are a time to unite and show our gratitude for everything we’ve been through and everything we’ve survived. Instead of preparing for the

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