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Getting To KnowThe PT Link PT Staff! ERIC ONDRUS, PT, DPT, CIDN

Eric attended Albion College in Albion, MI while playing baseball for the first 2 years of undergraduate education. He then transferred to University of Toledo where he graduated with his Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science degree as well as his Doctor of Physical Therapy degree. Publications include Myosin-Heavy Chain research under the oversight of Dr. Thomas McLaughlin in undergrad and balance-based low back pain research under the oversight of Dr. Cindy Bouillon in the DPT program. Throughout his career, Eric has worked with acute-care patients, athletes, and the average outpatient population. Eric specializes in manual treatments including mobilizations and manipulations of both central and peripheral joints as well as dry needling. Special interests include sports medicine specifically shoulder joint kinematics with pitchers as well as patients with chronic pain.

Health & Wellness The Newsletter About Your Health And Caring For Your Body

IS YOUR BACK PAIN SLOWING YOU DOWN? “ I Was Experiencing Back Pain, So I Decided To Do Something About It.”


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Is back pain causing you to move a little slower and more cautiously? If left untreated, chronic back pain can lead to long-term spinal joint and possibly nerve damage. Back pain is one of the most common physical complaints that people suffer from and more than 80% of the US population will experience back pain at some point in their lifetime. Back pain can interfere with your ability to bend, kneel, lift, reach, do work and enjoy time with your family. Not to mention, it can make you down right irritable and affect others around you. Why do I have Back Pain? Back pain occurs for a number of reasons, but has a few simple root causes: • Weakness in the spinal and core muscles of the trunk • Poor posture and strain on the spine with slouched sitting • Repetitive injury to muscles and tissues around the spine with poor lifting

• Limited flexibility of the spine, hips and muscles of the thighs • Poor coordination of the abdominal, pelvic and back muscles Most people don’t seek treatment soon enough and continue to suffer with a nagging ache or pain in their back.They may even feel symptoms travel to the buttocks and legs. Many people feel that not much can be done for back pain and use medication to numb the pain to get through the day. However, medication mostly masks the pain and does nothing to address the root cause of the problem. Solutions to Back Pain Treating back pain starts with determining the true cause. A thorough evaluation of your movement, strength, posture and joint mobility can tell a lot about the true origins of your pain. Only then, can the proper plan be formulated to get you out of pain quickly and back to the activities you love. Whether you just tweaked your back or have been suffering for a long time, seeing one of our spine specialists can help you return to a more active and pain-free life.


1. Keep a Good Posture When you are standing, imagine a string through the top of your head lifting you straight up. This puts your neck, shoulders, spine and hips in natural alignment. With sitting, make sure you sit back in the chair with your feet on the floor and your lower back supported. Your shoulders should not slouch when sitting. Avoid soft Picking things up is a normal part of our day. Even if you pick up something light, your back muscles have to lift the weight of your upper torso and control that movement. Make sure you always face what you need to pick up, squat keeping your spine straight and push with your leg muscles. This helps reduce the excessive pressure on your spine. couches when you can. 2. Lift Properly

3. Stay Flexible Flexibility is key to maintaining a healthy back. By keeping your body flexible, the normal forces of movement and lifting can be distributed across the spine, rather than focused onto a few segments, which can then fail. An easy stretching routine everyday can keep you feeling great and put a spring in your step. 4. Stay Strong You have hundreds of muscles, which control the movement of your spine. Major muscles that support the spine are called your core muscles and includeyourabdominal,pelvis,spinalandhip muscles. By keeping your core muscles strong, you support your spine and have the ability to easily control lifting, quick movements, bending and a lot more.

5. Physical Therapy Our physical therapists are medical experts in evaluating spine and body movement. By having a regular check up, you can make sure your body is in good condition to tackle the activities you love. If you have a history of back pain, injury or are currently experiencing aches and pains, we can analyze your problem and construct a treatment program that will work best for your individual problem. With soothing hands- on therapy and targeted easy exercises we can help you return quickly to feeling your best. Even if you suffer from severe pain we can help you get out of pain and living the life you deserve. Call a clinic nearest you today!

Relieve Back Pain In Minutes Try this movement if you are experiencing back pain.

Healthy Recipe

INGREDIENTS • 1 (64 fluid ounce) bottle apple cider • 3 cinnamon sticks EASY HOT APPLE CIDER

LOWER TRUNK ROTATIONS Lying on your back with your knees bent, gently rock your knees side-to-side. Repeat 8 times on both sides. Loosens Low Back

• 1 teaspoon whole allspice • 1 teaspoon whole cloves • 1/3 cup brown sugar

DIRECTIONS In a slow cooker, combine apple cider and cinnamon sticks. Wrap allspice and cloves in a small piece of cheesecloth, and add to pot. Stir in brown sugar. Bring to a boil over high heat. Reduce heat, and keep warm.



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“A car accident in late 2016 left me in severe back pain. I couldn’t sit or stand foranyextendedperiodand Icouldn’tpickuporholdmy8-monthold baby. PTLink truly saved my life.They eased my pain with a combination of Cold Laser Therapy, Dry Needling, Electro-Stimulation, Cupping, and ThermalTherapies. Once I could move easier, Sam completely overhauled my body mechanics. He showed me how to properly support and align my body through a wide range of movements, making sure to work with me until I was confident in my new way of moving. I quickly and dramatically improved. I found that I could move easier without pain and with more confidence. In just over a month of intense work, my pain went from almost unbearable to nearly gone, and now I have the tools to take care of myself for the future. Sam, Renee and Anna are all incredible people, and they are amazing at what they do. I can’t thank them or recommend them enough!” – Atonn S. My pain went from almost unbearable to nearly gone! ATTENTION PAIN SUFFERERS

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