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Renting out a Refurbished Lease on Life HOLIDAY HEATING WOES How to Avoid the Cold Weather Inside and Out

As we enter the holiday season, there is an assortment of things on our minds. Between buying gifts and attending all the holiday festivities, it’s hard to remember everything you need to do. However, if left unchecked, one thing can ruin your holiday plans: your heating unit. Scheduling your six-month maintenance appointment is a great way to ensure your holiday season goes off without a hitch. You wouldn’t believe all the stories we could tell you that have happened over the years as the result of someone not maintaining their heating unit! One of our technicians, Shane, got a call to visit a man’s townhouse with an odd request. The client wanted a thermostat lock box mounted in his home. It’s not a common request, but his reason was even stranger. When Shane asked if his kids kept changing the temperature, he said he didn’t have kids. When Shane asked if he had roommates, he said no. The client claimed he had ghosts in his house that kept turning the heat down! While Shane was a skeptic, he didn’t let the client leave him alone in that house! Besides ghosts, the main issue we see during the winter season is a heating unit’s safety equipment going awry. Luckily, most maintenance that’s needed during the winter months is covered under our service plan, and our technicians call to notify our customers that their scheduled maintenance appointment is approaching. Unfortunately, when customers don’t take advantage of their service plan, the cost associated with their maintenance only rises. A common issue we find is a coating that forms over the flame sensor, causing it to malfunction. The flame sensor is one of the safety devices that indicates to the unit that all flames are safely on. If that sensor doesn’t work correctly, it shuts the heating unit down immediately. If it needs to be replaced, it’s a few hundred “The client claimed he had ghosts in his house that kept turning the heat down! While Shane was a skeptic, he didn’t let the client leave him alone in that house!”

dollars, and along with repairs, it could cost a small fortune.

Other product replacements frequently needed are gas valves and circuit boards, which cost a considerable amount of money if not properly maintained. When we conduct our six-month maintenance, we check all the safety equipment and hardware to ensure everything is working properly. Afterward, we check the carbon monoxide detectors

to ensure they’re working and stress the importance of checking them every few weeks.

Half the battle with heating and cooling maintenance is education. When one of our technicians assists a customer, they walk them through what they’re doing and why. This way, when customers experience any issue, they’re better equipped to understand it and handle the problem. This also helps them understand the importance of their regularly scheduled maintenance appointments, which saves them time and money in the long run. If your heater isn’t working, schedule an appointment with one of our technicians as soon as possible. We’ve seen some people using grills and gas stoves inside to heat their homes, which is the last thing we want for our customers.

-Greg Hawthorne


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