TRK_910071_Coolant Heater Sell Sheet

Improve DPF Performance & Save Money, Engine Pre-heat, Reduce DPF Maintenance Costs

Improve DPF Performance & Save Money Engine Pre-heat | Reduced DPF Maintenance Costs

Webasto Coolant Heaters: n Provide engine pre-conditioning without idling n Reduce DPF maintenance costs n Full diagnostics with PC interface available n Blink code diagnostics n Emission reduction device n 8,6 00 - 17,200 BTU/h heat output

Thermo Top Evo Coolant Heater with SmarTemp 3.0 Control Bluetooth

Reduce Filter Overloading, DEF Thaw Time, Face Plugging & Thermal Cracking

Independent testing shows that using a Webasto solution to pre-heat an engine can significantly improve DPF performance. Emissions are reduced, even at high ambient temperatures - this means that it is beneficial to pre-heat engines in warm and cold climates.

System Schematic

Technical Specifications

Thermo Top Evo

Heating Flow [kW] (Partial Load / Full Load)

8,600 - 17,200 BTU/h (2.5 - 5.0 kW)


Diesel, Arctic Diesel

Nominal Voltage (Suitability for special fuels) Operating Voltage

12 V 10 to 16.5

Power Consumption including coolant pump

41 W

Power Consumption During Start-up at 12 V

14 Amps

Fuel Pump / Coolant Pump

DP 42 / U4847 econ

Noise Emission

61 dB

Dimensions (L x W x H)

8.54 x 3.58 x 5.79 in (217 x 91 x 147 mm)


4.6 lb. (2.1 Kg)


Blink Code, Diagnostic Tool

Available Thermo Top Evo Heater Kits: Thermo Top Evo Diesel Kit with SmarTemp Control 3.0 Bluetooth (12 V) - P/N: 5013920 Thermo Top Evo Diesel Kit with SmarTemp Control 3.0 (12 V) - P/N: 5013919 Thermo Top Evo Diesel Kit with Rocker Switch (12 V) - P/N: 5013378 Thermo Top Evo Diesel Kit with Enclosure (12 V) - P/N: 5013389

Upgrade to the new SmarTemp Control 3.0 with adapter harness - Part number 5013932

1 Combustion Air Fan 2 Motor 3 Igniter / Flame Detector 4 Burner Evaporator 5 Combustion Chamber 6 Coolant Temperature Sensor

10 Heater Body 11 Heat Exchanger 12 Circulation Pump 13 Fuel Metering Pump 14 Exhaust Outlet 15 Fuel Line 16 Magnets (for Hall Sensor) 17 Combustion Air Inlet 18 Hall Sensor 19 Electronic Control Unit

Optional Accessories:

SmarTemp Control 3.0: Part Number 5013873 n Same unit controls air or coolant heater n Programmable run times (Timers) n Adjustable Low Voltage Disconnect (LVD) n Preventive maintenance reminder n Heater fault codes displayed SmarTemp Control 3.0 Bluetooth: Part Number 5013874 n Same features as SmarTemp 3.0 n Bluetooth connection to SmarTemp 3.0 App - View diagnostic information - Manage & control heater function - Link to - Program settings of multiple units

7 Coolant Outlet 8 Overheat Sensor 9 Coolant Inlet

Webasto Thermo & Comfort North America, Inc. 15083 North Road Fenton, Michigan 48430 USA Toll Free: 800-860-7866 Phone: 810-593-6000

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