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Announcing Evans Baby No. 2!

These last fewmonths have been pretty difficult. Everyone has faced challenges, so I’m really glad to have some good news to share. Renee and I are expecting our second baby! We found out on Christmas Eve, and in February, a blood test told us that she will be a girl. Learning that we are going to have another girl was really welcome news. For those keeping score, come September, my household will include me, my wife, my 2-year-old Audrey, our new baby girl, and two girl dogs. I’m going to be extremely outnumbered, but I don’t mind. We’re really excited. So far, everything seems to be going really well. Of course, we’ve been worried about the virus issue, but at the time of writing, it doesn’t look like pregnant women are at any higher risk for COVID-19. Understandably, Renee is still worried, and we’re taking extra precautions to keep her and the baby healthy. Audrey is still pretty young, so I’m not sure howmuch of the situation she really understands. She does understand that there’s a baby in Mama’s belly. When Audrey gives Renee a kiss, Renee will say, “Give baby a kiss,” and Audrey will lean over to kiss her belly. It’s super cute. We’ve told her she’s going to have a little sister, and she seems pretty excited. Audrey will say things like “big sister” and “little sister,” so I think she gets the idea. She’s been around babies a couple of times, and she’s been really interested in helping out with the baby. Audrey’s a sweet little girl, and I think she’s going to be a good sister. We’ve heard from a number of people that your second kid tends to be the total opposite of your first one. Audrey wants what she wants, and she’s not afraid to go for it, so I hope that means our new baby will be a little cuddle bear who just wants to chill. Whatever their personality, our family is getting bigger, and that’s exciting. Everyone on my side of the family has just two kids, and raising two girls sounds like enough to me! After Audrey, I’d like to think we know what we’re doing better this time. Those first few sleepless months will be rough. Newborns are cute, but taking care of them can be tough when you’re sleep deprived. I think kids get easier as they get older. Audrey has gotten easier and easier to care for as time goes on. She can eat by herself and go to the bathroom by herself, and she’s gotten

more independent. Audrey has also been talking more, which is nice. Building that communication has made everything a lot smoother. That said, I imagine things only get easier until kids become teenagers — then things become quite a bit harder for a while.

In this difficult time, it’s a relief to remember there are good things to look forward to. In a fewmonths, I’ll be meeting my new daughter, and I can’t wait. Renee and I have been thinking of names, but —much to my mother’s displeasure —we’re not going to announce anything until the new baby comes. Hopefully when she gets here, everything will be back to normal.

–Dr. Seth Evans

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