Albrecht Law July 2019


July 2019

When Fate Intervenes Evan Schneider ExplainsWhat Led Him to Albrecht Law

My legal career didn’t begin with a parent who was a lawyer or an assumption that I was going to become a lawyer. Instead, I stumbled into it at 23 years old after a few mentors suggested I consider a legal career. This began in my early 20s, when I was working as a nanny — and was affectionately called the manny — after finishing my undergraduate degree. I was working for a successful but down-to-earth attorney, and one day, I asked him about his career. That’s when he told me he thought I should consider becoming an attorney. It was quite an honor to hear that from someone as successful as him, and it planted the seed. He wasn’t the only one to give me this advice, though. Another legal mentor of mine, who also happens to be a level-headed, kind attorney, pushed me in that direction too. I was particularly close with his three sons, and I even played in various bands with all three of them. It was humbling that a man of his dedication and status saw a future professional colleague in me.

I moved to Seattle to be with my girlfriend. Growing up, I moved and lived across the entire West Coast, but this move to Seattle was a bit of an adjustment. Packing up my Southern California life for the Pacific Northwest meant I had to create new connections in my field and leave my surf board behind. Living in Seattle was tough for me. It’s hard to be away from the people you love, and the job I found after law school wasn’t the best fit. I was working for a condo law firm, which essentially meant I was doing collection work. My main form of human interaction involved taking away people’s homes. It was the exact opposite of the kind of work I was doing while volunteering at the Housing Justice Project, but at the time, I just needed to pay the bills. Washington, and we decided that moving closer to them would be a great fit. When my wife suggested Spokane, Washington, I figured there was no harm in visiting the town. Preparing for the move, I reached out again to my lawyer mentors who told me that when I got there, I should try my best to connect with Spokane lawyer Matt Albrecht for local help and mentorship. We loved our visit, moved to Spokane, and it’s been our home ever since. We didn’t have a television when we first moved to Spokane, but I had to watch my University of Washington Huskies football games. So, I found a local bar to watch the games, and that’s how I met a few fellow alumni-turned-friends. I began to spend more time with these friends, and through them, I was introduced to Matt Albrecht during trivia night at Flamin’ Joe’s, of all places. Eventually, my wife and I grew tired of the Seattle rat race. My wife’s family lived in Connell,

Through mutual friends, I ended up getting to know Matt well enough to lease an extra office space from him. For the next three years, I rented from Matt and continued my own legal work while also associating with Matt on cases from time to time. Today, we look back on those three years and laugh about the world’s longest “interview process.”

If anyone believes in fate or destiny, this is proof of it.

I graduated from Thomas Jefferson School of Law in San Diego in 2009, and shortly after,

Leaving the work I did for the condo law firm, I knew I wanted to stay involved in the Housing Justice Project and find a law firm that was aligned with my ethics. Matt and the firm he has built embody those ethics. It’s a great team, and he reminds me of the mentors who urged me into law. He cares about what he is doing and the people he is helping, and I am honored to work alongside an attorney who fights the way Matt does for his clients.

This Month’s Happiest Client!

“Albrecht Law is a top-notch firm. I knew I was in excellent hands, and Evan Schneider was in constant com- munication with me throughout the entire process. He even went above and beyond to help negotiate better terms for my case. I cannot thank Evan and Albrecht Law enough! They are the best out there!” –Kayley H.

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