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Memories From the University of Virginia GO CAVALIERS!

to the Civil War, though my love of the class was less about the content and more about how awesome our lecturer was. This guy could have made any class interesting, and he would eventually go on to become president of another university. Few of the classes I took in college help in my job today — those classes would come later in med school. That said, I did take the most useful class of my life at Virginia: public speaking. As I have mentioned many times before, I was a big nerd who didn’t have the easiest time communicating with other people. Public speaking went a long way toward helping me overcome that. I learned how to feel comfortable speaking in front of people, how to organize my thoughts, and how to communicate my meaning clearly. These are all incredibly useful skills a doctor needs to have when explaining complex topics to a patient who doesn’t have medical training without scaring them. All in all, my time in college was great. I attended interesting classes, played tuba in the band, hung out with my friends, and really enjoyed the college life. And if I could go back, I would take even better advantage of the college experience. When I was in school, even when I was having fun, I couldn’t wait for it to be over. I never attended the various lectures or weird musical events or strange art performances that were going on all the time. Now, I wouldn’t mind taking a class and catching a show by a band I’ve never heard of. College is a collection of opportunities for strange and wonderful experiences. I encourage everyone who may be going back to college this

Summer is officially over, and I have a lot of patients who are helping their kids start the new school year or are going back to school themselves. It’s been some time since I was in school, but when the fall semester starts, I like to reflect on my fondest memories from my time as a student. A lot of those memories took place during my time at the University of Virginia. The funny thing is I never liked UVA when I was growing up. My parents both attended Lake Forest College in Illinois, and I always thought my friends who were big Virginia fans were annoying and pretentious. However, once I started looking into colleges, I ended up touring the University of Virginia campus for the first time. The school was founded by President Thomas Jefferson, which is a big point of pride for students and faculty. There’s a big statue of Jefferson on the campus, and it fits in well with the red brick and Roman-inspired architecture of the surrounding buildings. I really enjoyed the look and atmosphere of the school and realized I could see myself spending the next few years there. I was accepted into a design-your-own-course program, which allowed me to fill my schedule with classes I was genuinely interested in as well as courses I needed to meet my pre-med requirements. I took classes on Freud, WWII history, science, and my favorite class, History of the Old South. This course covered the history of the American South leading up “All in all, my time in college was great … And if I could go back, I would take even better advantage of the college experience.”

semester, wherever your college is located, to look for those opportunities. Being a college student doesn’t last forever, and there will be things you’ll miss when it’s over. –Dr. Seth Evans

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