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Your Dedicated Partner for Global Commissioning Services March 2019

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§ Your challenges § Our values: A different kind of company § Our value statement

§ Who we are § What we do § How we can support you today and going forward § How we can add further value § Clients already trusting Rev1 Energy § Next steps

Your Challenges

§ We understand a series of dynamics in the market place are placing increased pressure on your ability to provide support for your current and future projects:

§ Aging workforce § Skills shortage § Major project running in parallel § Current contracting strategy for major projects, bias towards larger/complex, higher risk EPC contracts, including lump sum contracts, requiring more detailed management oversight § Access to suitably trained and competent commissioning personnel for remote and emerging regions of the world § Increased bureaucracy from local content demands § Increased administration burden associated with mobilization, visa, welfare and logistics

At Rev1 Energy we specialize in taking this headache away from you, allowing you time to do what you do best, manage commissioning.

We Are a Different Kind of Company. Our Values Drive our Success.

Innovation & Creativity

Health & Safety

Inclusion and Diversity

One Team Around the World

Exceeding Client Expectations

Find a Way or Make a Way

Integrity & Honesty

Our Purpose

run smoother

To help projects

by maximizing value during execution to achieve a better project outcome .

Who We Are

Rev1 Energy is an independent , technology- driven services company, specialized in the commissioning and startup of energy projects around the world.

What We Do

We partner with clients to maximize value during commissioning and startup with best-in-class people, processes and technology .

Maximizing Value Through People

Maximizing Value Through Technology

Tracker Integrity Suite A SaaS utility software suite, designed to ensure that integrity is achieved throughout every phase the project lifecycle, from design, construction, commissioning, through to operations, maintenance, modification and ultimate disposal. The suite provides an integrated approach to project delivery to meet all stakeholder demands, from HSE, design, regulatory, operational and best practice, to achieve best value for money, and deliver significant performance improvements to the asset operator/owner.

Tracker Plan™, Tracker Check ™, Tracker Run ™

Tracker Integrity Suite ™

1. Tracker Plan ™ Project delivery software, provides everything needed to deliver a great project, including inputs from HSE, regulatory, design, construction, commissioning, operations and best practice. 2. Tracker Check ™ The international hallmark for completions management, covering both brown and greenfield applications. Ensures technical integrity has been achieved prior to startup and beyond. 3. Tracker Run ™ Maintenance management system, improves asset life and total cost of ownership by a simple to use, built for purpose MMS. Tracker Global Implementation Team – A team of top industry professionals are available to assist you with Tracker Integrity Suite ™ implementation.

Rev1 Tracker Plan ™

• Tracker Plan™ combines years of successful project delivery experience into one software package, designed to provide everything needed to deliver a great project, regardless of size, location and or complexity. • It includes predefined activities, tasks and and deliverables for all project architypes, including input from HSE, regulatory, design, construction, commissioning, operations and best practice. • The system defines, tracks and manages key activities, tasks and deliverables required to demonstrate that technical and operational integrity has been achieved prior to the introduction of hydrocarbons, start up and the handover of facilities to operations.

Tracker Plan ™ Facilities Readiness Integrity Module

The Window Into Your Project

Rev1 Tracker Check ™

§ State of the art completions management system § Manages both brownfield and greenfield projects § Ensures technical integrity has been achieved through predefined checks and balances, taken at strategic points in the project lifecycle § Tracks and manages construction work fronts for handover to commissioning § Manages Preservation § Manages systems completion handover progress through design, construction, commissioning to operations § Punchlist management

Rev1 Tracker Run ™

§ Tracks, schedules and organizes your maintenance activities in a user friendly system. § Built for purpose with a focus on rapid user adoption and minimal to no training § Cost effective alternative to large scale maintenance softwares with same core functionality with flexibility for customization § Seamlessly integrates with Tracker Check ™ § Reports on a series of KPIs designed to optimize the life of your assets and maximize your return on investment. § Built to expand as IIoT becomes ubiquitous

Trusted By

Next Steps

Let us be your partner for global commissioning services .

Further questions or clarifications should be addressed to: Martyn Canham

President, Rev1 O&G Tel: +1 713 504 3737 Mail:

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