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5 Daily Habits That Are Killing Your Work-Life Balance And How To Fix Them

the ball. But it’s vital that you commit to living in the moment as much as possible. And whatever you do, don’t forget that your mental health is just as important as that pile of work you have waiting on your desk., 5/16/2018 The Top 5 Business Apps To Improve Your Productivity In the light-speed world of modern business, workers need every bit of help they can get. Luckily, new apps are developed every day that make our lives easier. Here are five of the best: Documents To Go allows users to open and edit Microsoft Office 2007 files from any smart device. While that may seem a simple task, if your company frequently uses the Office Suite, Documents To Go can make a big difference.

Being passionate and dedicated to the work you do is a surefire path to success. But in the lives of many driven people, there comes a time when work begins to overtake other aspects of your life that are vital to living a full, happy, healthy existence. Here are five habits you’re probably practicing that are preventing you from achieving that fabled work-life balance.


Just because you’re a top performer doesn’t mean you should act the hero. Ruthlessly prune extra work to all but the most critical of projects. As they say, there will always be more work – don’t let it take over every moment of your day.


Evernote has been making waves for a few years now with its seamless approach to note-taking and file-keeping.

Create very specific ways to determine the actual priority of each project, markers that indicate whether taking a few extra days on something will actually affect your business.

It enables users to upload virtually everything they need to the cloud and is especially useful for those quick thoughts you jot down during key work meetings. If it’s strictly file syncing you need, check out SugarSync . A free account gets you 2GB of shared storage between two computers and your phone, accessible from anywhere.


When we take work home, we may feel like we’re staying on top of everything, but in fact, without strict compartmentalization between work and life, neither is able to reach the heights that true focus will deliver. Draw a line in the sand and stick to it.

Remember the Milk is one of the premiere apps for to-do listers everywhere, syncing complex lists across multiple platforms with little effort. And you can’t forget Skype , perhaps the best tool for cutting down long-distance charges and communicating via chat, video and audio with far-flung colleagues., 5/17/2018


In order to even out your workload, you need to leave some space in your schedule for unanticipated events. One way to fix this is to create a 50% extra window of time for everything you need to accomplish.


It’s easy to constantly focus on what’s next, feeling as if you’re always behind

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