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What Would Be Your Ideal Groundhog Day? Peace of Mind Post E veryone in our area is excited as we get closer and closer to Groundhog Day. If you’re new to the area or not familiar with the tradition, the entire local town of Punsutawney becomes one FEBRUARY 2020

big party as we near the big day. Obviously, it reminds me of the classic Bill Murray comedy film “Groundhog Day,” but it also makes me think: If I had to relive one day of my life every day, what day would it be? It’s a fun thought that I pondered for some time. For a bit, I couldn’t think of the day I would choose until I remembered my first half- marathon. My first half-marathon certainly wasn’t perfect, but I’ll never forget the experience. As the race started and everyone rushed down the path, I was still fighting with the timer on my watch. It wasn’t until someone from the sidelines pointed out it was a ‘gun timed’ race not a ‘chip timed’ race, and I was already being timed, that I realized what had happened. By the time I started, I was a quarter-mile behind the pack. Somehow, my final time still managed to be just under two hours. After the race, I rewarded myself with a sundae from Dairy Queen, and someone even helped me with my groceries. So, besides an entertaining start to the race, everything worked out. Running a half-marathon was a goal of mine for a long time. I worked hard and spent my free time between July and October preparing for the race. Like any substantial goal, I broke it down into smaller subgoals. I had a training plan and week-to-week

much more than you think if you put in the time and preparation. Since that race, I’ve run in four other marathons and even an 18-mile race! Although I’m not able to do it as much as I’d like these days, it has become a passion of mine. When I ran the same race a couple years later, I improved my time! It just goes to show that if you have a plan and keep up with it, anything is possible. I’ve made some great friends along the way, as well. One, in particular, is a phenomenal runner and participates in 100-mile races. I help her when she needs a crew, and it’s been such a fun community to be involved with.

objectives. As life works, what I planned and what ended up happening weren’t the same. But I didn’t falter in my progress. If I didn’t have time to run one day, then I made sure I ran a few extra miles the next. I loved running that race because it’s a great example that you’re capable of so

“I loved running that race because it’s a great example that you’re capable of so much more than you think if you put in the time and preparation.”

So, with Groundhog Day fast approaching, what’s one day you’d love to relive? Let me know the next time you visit the office!



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